One month left

Time has gone really fast here! It’s hard to believe that its already May. At the moment I feel like I could stay here for longer, a month or two.

The past last two weeks we’ve done nothing special: School, projects and a couple of museums. The two that I could recommend would be Tranvia historico and Zanjon de Granados.

Tranvia historico is an old tram from the beginning of 20th century. It’s still operating in the Barrio of Caballito. The departures are on weekend evenings, every 20minutes and the starting point is Emilio Mitre al 500 (In the corner of Emilio Mitre and José Bonifacio). The admission is free of charge. The guided ride was in Spanish but luckily the guide talked really clearly so we could understand almost everything 🙂 We had fun and I recommend this half an hour -ride to everyone who is interested in history.

The other museum that we visited was located in San Telmo -neighborhood. El Zanjón de Granados is an old, restored building. The oldest parts of the building are from the 16th century: From the time when the first colonialists arrived, first settlements are from the year 1536!  Under the building there is a labyrinth and the visitors can walk in the tunnels. We visited this place on Sunday and on Sundays there are half an hour guided tours, but during the week it’s possible to have an one hour tour. Half an hour tour felt maybe a bit too short for us, so in the next visit I would take the one hour tour. The price for English guided 30minute tours were 40pesos and 30 pesos for a  guided tour in Spanish. We didn’t have enough cash with us so we chose the Spanish tour and we understood surprisingly much so it wasn’t a bad choice at all!

We also spent one Sunday in Tigre with two of our friends. Tigre is a city located in Buenos Aires province, around 30kilometers North from Buenos Aires. We took a boat and sailed through the canals and stopped by on one of the islands to have a picnic. The delta area is really beautiful but the rivers’ water is really dirty: We even saw people littering the water and it was a bit shocking to us.

One thing we’ve clearly noticed here is the improvement in our Spanish skills: Nowadays we can go into the stores or lavaderos and take care of everything in Spanish. We can have a small talk with shop clerks and ask questions about things. This wasn’t possible at all during the first month when we arrived 😀

One of the biggest cultural difference here is the kissing: People kiss each others on cheek to say hello or goodbye. If you go to work, party or other meeting it’s common to kiss everyone who is in the same room. At first, for a Finnish person, this felt a bit awkward but after couple of months we’re getting used to it. There is no personal space and on the rush hour you can find yourself squeezing in into a metro that is already packed with people: People just push in as long as the doors can close.

Before we arrived here we thought that Buenos Aires would be a city full of traffic and pollution. The streets aren’t as clean and in good condition as in Finland but we were surprised how green this city is: There are a lot of trees and parks. Parks in Palermo are a perfect place to go jogging of for a picnic.

We’ll try to enjoy our last month as much as possible and keep you posted.