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Challenge is my Inspiration!

A final cheesy dot to end my journey…or not

Every great journey has an end.. Another year studying in university has finally end. It could leave me with so much lessons to be learned. Not only about the academic stuffs, but a handful of experiences, a bunch of great new international friends around the world and much more about life – to live, to […]

Learning, just keep learning…

I have lived in France for almost 7 months so far, and I started to speak French and understand French, not the whole conversations but I could guess from what they are saying. Such an awesome feeling when you get to understand another language and start to understand the French way. I also started to […]

Fall Semester Review

I find it so difficult to make room for just some post in time during the semester and the holiday came and it was kind of “geek” just to stick with the computer to do all the assignment left with some review on the last semester. That is why I decided to relax a bit […]

Orientation Week – First Impression

The week start with an Opening day in the big Auditorium. Introduction about La Rochelle city, the School, the Professors and Staffs, etc. Boring but might be useful in the future.. The whole week is the French Language Intensive Course. From 9am til 5pm. Very tired but really useful and handy! The last day we […]

So it’s set! France one-year exchange (and good food) is waiting for me!!

Eventually I got the acceptance letter from Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle – La Rochelle Business School. Remember just three months ago I still wondering what could be the destination for me. Anything could change at the last minute and I learned that sometimes life does not lead the way we plan.. Some just […]