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A final cheesy dot to end my journey…or not

Every great journey has an end..

Another year studying in university has finally end. It could leave me with so much lessons to be learned. Not only about the academic stuffs, but a handful of experiences, a bunch of great new international friends around the world and much more about life – to live, to adapt, and to grow up within yourself in a whole new environment, a whole new cultures that you have had few idea what it could be like. Even if you try so hard to plan, to organise, and to prepare for every single things that possibly stand in your way, that would never be enough. It’s all about the twists and turns that make you enjoy the adventure, not a smooth-to-go and carefully planned to reach the end peacefully – safe and sound. It would force you to change every single day to face new challenges, to overcome with strength, wisdom, and of course, mistakes along with failure. Only then you could realise who you are, who you want to become and what voice inside you that shape your drives and make you try harder and harder. It’s not about demotivating or depressing you. Yes, it could be frustrated from times to times, but I assure you it would worth in the end. You would be able to see how much you have changed – your ego, your identity, your understanding, your behaviour, your attitude – everything for your own good.

Personally, this year has much meaning to me than anyone else. I was torn between right or wrong for over a year and could not make things right with my life. Finally, I could make one thing right. Leaving France, it’s like I feel alive again. For such a long time, I forgot how to enjoy life as it is, to immense myself in social life and to wear a bit less clothes (JK). I feel somehow lost love could be found again. And I feel there are amazing people out there – great friends – even with language barrier – we still definitely understand each other souls without saying. My soul was lost, and then found, and eventually, saved..

I shall finish my post here before I bore you with my lengthy stories with all the dramas and upside down. C’est la vie. I am so grateful to be able to have this amazing chance to discover the world, understand human beings and most importantly, dive deep in the journey of finding who am I and what I wanna be.

Thank you JAMK for giving me such a great privilege to be able to study in Finland as well as in France. I owe you this to you for my whole life!

Thank you so much!

Learning, just keep learning…

I have lived in France for almost 7 months so far, and I started to speak French and understand French, not the whole conversations but I could guess from what they are saying. Such an awesome feeling when you get to understand another language and start to understand the French way. I also started to pronounce every word I see, and it was kind of too much that affect my English pronunciation. At that point I said to myself I must stay clear between the these languages. Soon it became easier than I thought, and I began to love learning French.

The key here is that I found joy in learning French. That makes the major difference. Learning French through Duolingo on my ipad, I realized the reason that  I could not learn Finnish for almost two years. Too much focus on grammar rules had demotivated me from learning by heart everything. Instead, I should be learning something relevant to my everyday life, something I found so important and valuable to me when I start to speak. I remembered when I traveled to Dune du Pilat, people do not speak English there since it is a small town at the low tourist season. Then I started to make conversation, asking the way and where I could the bus to the dune. My travel group has 6 people, but no one could speak French so everything they counted on me. After all, I felt so proud that I could be the one who helped and led  the whole group to such a memorable trip. At the same time, I watched a TED talk by Chris Lonsdale – How to learn any language in six months? Since I experienced the same feeling when I learned French, I truly believe that this time when I come back to Finland, I could master the language to intermediate level (B2) in two years (still quite long compared to six months in the video).  Anyway, I will include the link to the talk here to be a useful future reference.

About the school schedule, I looked at the schedule.. We will study busy as hell, no vacation in between, from middle January until end of…March or early April. And that’s it. My exchange year ends just like that. 8 months – 60 credits. The second term I chose to study International Tourism track, as I assumed it would be a strength of the faculty instead of Food and Beverage track. Also, since I already learned Food Service in Practice and Management of Accommodation Services – in total 20 credits from JAMK, I want to learn something new here to diverse my knowledge. It turned out I was right! The track was so meaningful and informative. The teacher was nice and so passionate about the subject, and I’m talking about Mrs. Keller and Mrs. Beatric. There was a small hiccup at two course. One is  in which the professor “forgot” that he had a course to teach in our school, and that’s our course. He was a great teacher, but we only had him for 15% of the course, but 15% worth it.

I also met new exchange students this term. There is one Finnish girl from Tourism program in Haaga Helia UAS. More people from Canada, Mexico, US, etc. I got a lot more motivated to go to class, because of friends and great professors. The most annoying part is when the exam came. One full week is for 7 exams, each took 3 hours to complete. Another week is for smaller exams and final assignments. I was totally torn in the end.. Hopefully JAMK will only took the credits because if not, I would be dead by the marking system on the scale of 20 in Sup de Co… Every journey has an end, and it seems like mine was about to..

And I don’t wanna leave France so soon…