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So it’s set! France one-year exchange (and good food) is waiting for me!!

Eventually I got the acceptance letter from Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle – La Rochelle Business School. Remember just three months ago I still wondering what could be the destination for me. Anything could change at the last minute and I learned that sometimes life does not lead the way we plan.. Some just turned out to be.. better 😉

When I first come to Finland and know about the exchange program, I would love to go to Italy (thinking back, the reason is again the same: Great FOOD haha). Looking for an Italian language course at JAMK, I was so disappointed to find out it is only taught in Finnish. Okay, so I know what is next for me. Spanish! I started to learn Spanish and really love the sounds of the language. Until the day of filling out online application for exchange on Asio, I still have no doubt about Spain as my exchange place, although the economic situation bothered me a bit. The final turning point came in when I realized that due to the downfall of economic, school in Spain paid less attention and made less investment on English program. At that time, I really don’t think my Spanish is advanced enough to have lecture in Spanish and also assignment and exam written in the language…

At the last minute, I think about French. Never in my life I would imagine I’m gonna (have to) learn the language. Some says it’s like the pain in the ass, some claims such a beautiful language it sounds. For me, it’s just too brand-new. The main reason for the choice of France again is the rich in beauty, wonderful architecture, and Gastronomy – Great cuisine and food (wine also)! It also has to mention that my last Interrail trip around Europe, I had already fallen in love with Paris, with the Louvre, the Seine River, Arc de Triomphe, so on and so forth. Besides, the program majoring in Tourism, in a touristic city La Rochelle. What could be better for my degree of Hospitality Management as well as the life of a totally new and interesting city!

At the moment, the only thing I know is that I gotta learn French fasttt this summer! I feel that French is way better than in the past about the English-speaking attitude..But I got a chance to learn, and that seems to be a destiny, so why not? I don’t know how La Rochelle would be like and could the people there speak English. Hopefully, it would be more alike in Paris.

One more thing is the paperwork. I got some reminder from friends that it would be lengthy, tiring and complicated like in my home country Vietnam. I just hope it would be better than what I already know about my hometown administration..

That’s good for now! The whole summer at home is waiting for me! It’s great that Finnair has just newly open a direct route to Hanoi.

So just 10 hours, I’ll be home, closer than ever. ^^