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Orientation Week – First Impression

The week start with an Opening day in the big Auditorium. Introduction about La Rochelle city, the School, the Professors and Staffs, etc. Boring but might be useful in the future..

The whole week is the French Language Intensive Course. From 9am til 5pm. Very tired but really useful and handy! The last day we have a walk around the city center. The city of La Rochelle is not a big city as I imagined. You can enjoy the walk in one afternoon to see the most important land marks. However, if you want to enjoy the beach, beautiful ocean view and visit the three nearby Island, that would take a few days discovering. At the end of  week, we have an escape to a nearby theme park Week’n Go to participate in three activities: Laser Guns, Volleyball and most interesting the Tree Climbing adventure. I was thrilled by taking the Red route, which is the second difficult just before the Black Route! Again I experience the feeling of loneliness in adventure and sole conquest of my own fear. I love it! Although at that moment I don’t think I wanna do it again but now I wanna comeback to finally try the Black one! Joining the trip, I met a lot of new people coming from very different countries that I have never had a chance before! Namely French, American, German, Swiss, Indian, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, etc. which is a lot more diverse.

So about La Rochelle!

I love how the sun shines here in La Rochelle. It seems I have saved two years of sunshine in Finland to get it here in La Rochelle. I walked through the coast of the sea nearby the school and I could spend hours sitting there, maybe have lunch, or have some beers with my friends or just simply alone and think about anything. At sunset, the port is so beautiful with the sky full of color and the sun looks like a tasty egg yolk. Generally, the city is more historic  rather than modern. Yes, it has its own history and you gotta find out about it yourselves 🙂

Transportation here is quite cheap compared to Jyvaskyla. One bus ticket is only 1.7 euros and in peak season – summer – only 1 euros. Monthly ticket for student is 23 euros/month. There are also yellow bicycles scattering around the city for renting at 25 euros per year! (100 euros deposit).

I cannot complain anything about the food. They are so varied and a little cheaper than in Finland. Everything looks delicious, especially the desserts. Now I have to buy less desserts since it costs even more than my other food LOL The only I would regret is I know so little about gastronomy, and also my poor student pocket. I’m so impressed that the French knows A LOT about food and food processing and particularly, how to enjoy it as an art, not a daily necessity! As I observed, the French definitely know how to enjoy life better than any other countries!

Gotta learn a lot more….