Arriving to Raleigh

So, I got no clue how to start a blog post, but here it goes.

My journey to Raleigh began with a layover in Oslo for 12 hours. We had great time there with my girlfriend who is also going to study abroad. Below there are pictures from our time there. After the day in Oslo, our trip continued to the New York City where we stayed for 4 days.

New York treated us well, even though it was raining for the most of our stay. It was so warm and humid there in NYC.

After our mini-holiday, we were separated. She flew to San Jose and I flew to Raleigh. I had some problems at the Newark Intl. Airport with my flights though. My first flight got canceled and then I got seated in evening flight and ended up waiting at Newark for 8 hours for the plane. Eventually, when I got to Raleigh it was 3 am.

I thought that I was among the first to move in, and did not realize that my roommate had moved in already. He had a funny face when i stumbled in at 3am. We had a chat and I got to sleep around 4 am. Next day the orientation began at 8.30 and lasted for almost the whole day. That was sort of a rough day for me with not much sleep.

Now few days in, couple of trips to target done, NC State feels like a great place. It is super warm and humid here. I thought that there would be more orientation for us, but that was not the case. We had only 2 days of orientation and now a free weekend to wonder off and do whatever we want.

Here are some pictures that I’ve taken so far:

From Oslo

New York lower manhattan


From the subway

Just tall buildings in this picture

Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant

Bryant Park

New York Stock Exchange

This was my bed in Raleigh for first night. Now I have a pillow and a blanket.

Talley student union

Fountain Dining Hall

Free express tunnel

Let’s see how this one ends up.

There you go.