Made it through the hurricane

Hey Y’all!

It has sure has been busy few weeks here in Raleigh. The studies began really fast and all the other activities among studying has been taking my time, so no blog posts.

The courses are so different here. At first, I was really struggling with all the work related to the classes. Now a month into semester, I have gotten used to it and it is not that bad anymore. We had few tests already and I did well on those, so I should be on the right track.

I have never been in a hurricane and the fact that Florence was heading straight to Raleigh was a bit frightening. The University stated that it would stop operations from Wednesday to Sunday. Given a vacation, many exchange students left Raleigh to travel west. I was also thinking about going but we got warned that If we decide to go, we must back in classes on Monday, and the flood waters are probably going to make it hard to come back. In the end we decided to stay here, most of the American students did not plan to leave Raleigh.

We were told to get supplies for 3 days, if we loose electricity (which was likely to happen), and basics like flashlight, first aid kit, etc. We ended up hoarding water and other supplies from grocery stores nearby. It was actually pretty exciting to wait for the hurricane, being that I live at high ground and in a concrete building and when it got closer it went more to south. Of course, it is a huge disaster for people living at the coast and in South Carolina and I hope they are all ok there.

In the end the hurricane did not catch Raleigh with that much of force. We had rain for few days and some wind on Friday, but that was basically it here. No trees going down, we had electricity the whole time, no floods at campus area. I think there was some flooding and a transformer blowing up here in Raleigh.

A month into the semester and I have found a lot of new friends. Many of them are also exchange students but a fair number of natives too. It is fun to explore the North Carolina’s traditions in study culture and otherwisea. You get such a nice view of different countries and places with the diversity here.

I try to add some pictures to the post, but I think my blog is already at max capacity so let’s see.

NC State Football game

Stores ran out of water and other supplies before the storm.

This is almost the worst it was here at campus after the hurricane.