Last thoughts from the US

3 days and it will be over. This has been such a great experience all around. I am getting excited about going back to Finland but at the same time I realize that I will miss this place so much. The everyday life here at the campus is so different that it is in Finland. Here you get used to your friends in a different way, because you are always doing something with a group of people. I live in a building that has only students and I eat with them, I spent a lot time with them, for me that works really well. That makes me a bit nervous going back home. With living almost 15km from Jyväskylä, it will be so quiet after this place. But when the next semester kicks in, I think it will be fine. Of course, during the holidays I will be able to catch up with my Family and friends.

When I was planning the exchange period, my plan was to interact more with the American students and I was not that excited about the other exchange students. The firsts weeks I spent mostly with the American students but after that I ended up spending most of my time with other exchange students. Even though, we did lots of stuff with Americans, so I had nice experience of both.

My opinions about Europe and the world have changed a lot because of this experience. I made good friends around the Europe, North and South America. They provided me with new opinions and views about the politics and cultures around the world.

The last few months this blog has not been granted with that much of attention, that is because I have been busy studying and traveling here. Almost all my courses are done by now, last final will be tomorrow. There is a difference in the ending of the semester here and in Finland. In Finland the rush is usually in the end of the semester with all big deadlines there. At least for me here, most of my deadlines were spread evenly for the whole semester and even the bigger project deadlines were earlier. This means that you will actually have time to study for the finals.

I had also time to travel during the last weeks. I went to Vegas, Savannah, Charleston and Washington. It was awesome. I really recommend renting a car here and drive instead of flying. Obviously, I did not drive to Vegas, but we drove a lot on the east coast.

Few days, flight to NYC and from there to Finland.