Lauri Kimari

Last thoughts from the US

3 days and it will be over. This has been such a great experience all around. I am getting excited about going back to Finland but at the same time I realize that I will miss this place so much. The everyday life here at the campus is so different that it is in Finland….

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Made it through the hurricane

Hey Y’all! It has sure has been busy few weeks here in Raleigh. The studies began really fast and all the other activities among studying has been taking my time, so no blog posts. The courses are so different here. At first, I was really struggling with all the work related to the classes. Now…

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Arriving to Raleigh

So, I got no clue how to start a blog post, but here it goes. My journey to Raleigh began with a layover in Oslo for 12 hours. We had great time there with my girlfriend who is also going to study abroad. Below there are pictures from our time there. After the day in…

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