Do you miss anything from Finland?

Ok, let’s start from the beginning before I even left. I’m quite sure everyone else was more concerned or nervous about, well everything basically, than I was. For example my friend freaked out when she heard that I didn’t have any long term accommodation two nights before I left Finland. I was actually very laid back, I don’t like to stress on things that would solve themselves later. I was very sure I could get a place easily once I was here (and I did, so no worries there).

For some reason it all hit me when I got to my Airbnb on Saturday the 4th of February. I felt very bad. What am I doing here? Why did I come here? I was nervous and there was one thing that took me by surprise. I felt badly homesick. It may just have been the jet lag or lack of sleep but I kept crying in room and saying I really am a big girl, why do I feel homesick?

One of those failed attempts to come here was when I was in upper secondary school. Long story short: I didn’t get to go but I had been on these prep meetings and there’s one thing I still remember very well. We were adviced that we shouldn’t call home in the first weeks. They said if we would feel homesick that would happen in the first weeks or it would just stay away. But if we would contact our families it would most definitely hit us. For some reason I kept that in my mind and tried not to call anyone. Eventually I did anyway call my boyfriend. It really helped. I was able to sleep my jet lag off after the call. I really needed to go through these questions with someone so they would assure that feeling homesick was ok. On sunday I found myself a room and everything felt even better.

After almost two weeks of work, one of my colleagues asked me if I missed anything from Finland. I did, mainly my cat (because I can’t just call him) and Finnish efficiency (but let’s get back to that on some other post.

At this point I can say that I miss some things from Finland but of course I can live without them. Just to mention few things I would welcome instantly: Drying cupboads of course, Finnish locks, water that does not taste like chlorine and European washing machines. I think I’m going to survive!


  1. You are going to survive, you really are a big, big girl. We are looking after your cat. You are also able to call to your cat via skype🐈

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