More multicultural than ever

Finns are always afraid when it comes to speaking English in public. I guess we have been concentrating too much on how to do things “properly” instead of getting understood. I was no exception. I couldn’t speak english when Finns were in the same room. Coming to JAMK was absolutely one of the best things that have happened to me in many ways. I’m in the right place at the right time. One of those things was our mandatory Global Business course, in English, of course. When I had to speak English, I noticed I can and it’s ok.

Coming to Australia was very easy because I’m sure not the only stranger. Yes we know the history of Australia but I’m not referring to crooks and rascals who were shipped here. I just have not met that many people who would have been born here. For example at our office we have six people (including me): The owner has lived in Australia almost 30 years but comes from South Africa, one of them is from India, the new guy who started there after me is from New Zealand. One of the guys is Australian but his family comes from Poland and owner’s son was born here. So the people know English, Hindi, Afrikaans (which is basically Dutch) and Polish. There’s the multicultural office.

Do you know where I live? I have a room in shared house. The family that owns the house occupy about 3/4 of the house but they have their own space. They come from China and speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. That’s not all, I’ve got four flatmates. On of them comes from Malaysia, two of them are from Japan and the fourth one comes from Slovakia. And the Airbnb place I stayed in? The couple renting the room: The guy is Australian, his wife is Brasilian and the flatmates I had came from UK. You know what? Australians sure like to shorthen their words and phrases! So even the basic things start to sound grammatically very bad but we all get it!

What I’m trying to say: We all have accents and our flaws but as long as we get understood, everything should be ok, right?

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