How to greet an Aussie

Finns just simply say “hei” or “moi” when they meet people. Things may get awkward when you’ve already said “moi” once and you are supposed to talk to them again. Another hei or moi? Or should I just nod and stay quiet?

On my study tour in California I noticed Americans say “how are you” instead of just “hello”. They certainly don’t even expect anyone to answer. I noticed that the answer to these questions could either be “Good! How are you?” or just “how are you?”. I don’t get it, why they just can’t simply say “hello”?

Back to Australia. We have all heard that Aussie greeting is “G’day!”. (Pronounced something like Goday.) From what I’ve heard only older men greet each other with this. Mainly people just use sort of double hello. Conversation may start like this:


  • “Hello!”

“How are you?”

  • “I’m great! How are you?”

“Good, thanks!”


That surely is the answer to the Finnish problem! If they use double greetings, things won’t get awkward!

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