In the Land Down Under everything is upside down

…or at least the other way around. We Europeans (mainly) drive on right and we follow that by walking on right side of the streets. Here they do it vice versa. They drive on left, they walk on left and they even keep their left on escalators. Well, makes sense but some things just don’t. It was actually quite easy to flip your brain around and know where to walk. Sometimes I do get confused. Especially when someone is walking on the same side towards me, meaning they are walking on their right. But when they get closer you’ll get it. They usually speak German or something other very European language.

I thought McDonald’s had quite clever ad. They celebrated that the famous hamburger Big Mac is made of Australian produce so only way to make it more Australian would be to flip it upside down. They even added Australian flag to it’s bottom stating that the right way to eat a Big Mac here was to flip it. I should have taken a picture of it. Now you just have to Google it.

There’s even more! For weeks I’ve been eating my muesli with full fat milk. Every time I have been wondering why it tastes so creamy. No I know why: I didn’t read the labels. Our Finnish full fat milk is coloured red, “normal” milk is in blue cartons and skim milk is wearing light blue. Guess what? The blue one here is full fat and the red one is skim milk. Now I know.

What’s even more confusing is the money. I’ve not been using coins here too much, because I didn’t know the system so I felt I wasn’t as quick as possible when paying my things. Last week I payed my groceries, 5.50 dollars, with 10 dollar bill and was handed 54 cents. Of course I asked what was going on. The cashier didn’t get me and I didn’t understand why. Spoler alert: Australia’s smallest coin is 5 cents. Australians have a 2 dollar coin which is the tiniest on the Australian coins.



From left ro right: 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars. At least now I know why cash has been vanishing so rapidly…

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  1. That was very interesting to read! Next time you are going to use creditcard😉

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