We are all the same

Phew, finally! I’ve had some problems logging in to this blog. Here I am now.

I’m proud to  be Finnish. Everyone and everything has their good and bad. To be honest I absolutely hate Finns hating Finns. That always happens in the most negative sense. “Finns are the only jealous people in the Earth!” “Only Finns drink to get drunk.”

It’s ok to be special, really! But we are just not that special. People are super jealous everywhere and it can be seen in more severe ways than just buying a bit bigger car than your neighbour has. (Doesn’t that anyway have more to do with being competitive than jealous?) What about the alcohol? Haven’t you ever seen how pissed British people get? People and alcohol in Australia? As far as I know, getting drunk is a thing.

“We are the only ones paying this much taxes!” Yeah, yeah, we do pay taxes and in return we get a huge amount of things. We usually think Americans don’t really pay taxes. They do. “Normal” American pays taxes about 30% of their income. The difference is that they rarely see where the money goes. Take a look at these Australian levies. Not so tiny sums either. Also people here are paying tolls when driving on certain routes and quite a good portion of people pay medical insurances. I’ve heard the medicare (free healthcare) system here is good, I have not tried it. Still many people pay for medical insurances and that can be about 300 dollars per month, per person!

Finland has given me so much, that I’m happy to continue to pay my taxes. I don’t need everything that’s provided by the system. Once or twice a year I may see a doctor, every day I walk on the streets and enjoy the really great water we’ve got and so on. I may not use the school system from this point on, I may never drive on freeways but I’m glad to pay my taxes so others can do that without thinking about tolls or differences between “good” and “bad” schools. That is equality and something we really should be proud of.

We always complain about the weather and want to go somewhere warm and sunny. Many people head to Thailand. Guess what. Australian go to Thailand for their holidays too, because of the good weather.

Stop hating yourself. We are all the same.

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