Application process

Welcome to read Riina’s and Roosa’s exchange blog in University of Florida, Gainesville!

This is the place where we share our experiences and thoughts of the stay here during the fall. We are writing alternately, so you can hear what’s going on with both of us.

All the application process begun early in the winter 2017. Fist, we had to do application for JAMK via ASIO system. It took about one month to know that our applications were accepted and we could start working with applications for UF. They had very simple and smart system where we needed to fill out some forms. All the forms were quite easy and they were instructed well but what made it really hard, was the huge amount of forms, and they were also really strict that all the information was correctly filled out. Otherwise the forms came back like a boomerang (like I did few times). Advice for the following applicants, read all the instructions carefully. It might be hard but you will save your time and nerves!

Here is the list of all the documents:

  • Balance Statement
  • Certification of Financial responsibility
  • Academic report request form
  • To whom it may concern
  • English verification form
  • English language certificate
  • Housing application
  • Course list form
  • Immunisation form; vaccine’s and tuberculosis test

The immunisation form consisted of all the mandatory vaccine’s and tuberculosis test. The schedule for all these applications and immunisation forms were really tight and we came across few problems. Tuberculosis test was required, so that you could sign up for classes. The tuberculosis test was a blood test and first we got only our X-rays done because we were told that we don’t have any other options to do that. X- ray wasn’t enough for the school so we had to make appointments for the blood test as well.

As soon as we received our acceptance letters from University of Florida, we started to work with our Visas and our apartment. We unfortunately didn’t make it to the campus housing, because they were filled as the applications among exchange students were accepted and we were quite late with them. It took us the whole summer to find an apartment, because many palaces were already full and all the student apartments did not provide short term leases. We got verification of the apartment as late as one week before our flights. Riina didn’t get any verification of her room so we had a little stress going there if we did’t have place to go. We should have done the housing application first, but somehow we thought that it would have been the less important thing to do. It wasn’t..

– Roosa