Arrival to USA

week 1:

We arrived to Orlando 15.8.2017 and spent few days there before heading to Gainesville and our fall 2017 home. We visited there in few places and for example in Universal Studios.

We arrived to Gainesville by bus in Friday morning 18.8.2017. The first thing we had to do were to get an apartment. We headed to The Nook apartments where our place was supposed to be. Roosa got her room quite easily but I haven’t got any confirmation about my room before arriving Gainesville so there was some struggels in the beginning but no problem, I got it. 😀 We went to our apartment and it was disaster. There was awful smell, whole apartment was messy, there were mormone books and skulls everywhere so at the same moment we turned around and went back to office. We asked them to give us an new apartment or we will leave the palce. Luckily we got other one and decided to settle down. There we have four bedrooms and two bathrooms and we share the flat with two Americans.

In arrival Friday we had also an orientation in School which took about an hour. There we saw all other exchange students for the first time and we were told where is some imprtant places, hospitals, what if you feel homesick etc. basic things 😀

First things we had to as well were to buy a lot of things to our new home. It was supposed to be fully furnished (also kitchen) but basicly there was kitchen with dishwasher and room with bed, table, cabin and bench so there was a lot of shopping and the most important ones were to get blanket, pillow. sheets, plates, mugs etc. and food!

During the weekend we had also other things to do than try to get our rooms look like a home. We went to University of Florida’s bookstore to get our Gator one cards which are super important in Gainesville if you want to do something. With that card you can use busses for free, get to gym, pool and also other activities.

We went also on Sunday to our first event in Gainesville. That was held at Ben Hill Griffin stadium and the idea was basicly to practise how to behave in Gators game. Here it is important to be a true fan. 😀

First weekend was overall quite exhausting but interesting to get know all new places where we are going to spend whole fall!




Go Gators!