First week of school

week 2:

School started on Monday and first week was called drop and add period when you had possibility to make changes to your courses. Professors intoruduced the course syllabusses etc., so basic things. We hadn’t any assignments during that week but we got to know that later on there will be a lot of readings, quizes, assignment and so on. Basicly they told us that we are really going to study here! We were the only foreign students in our all classes, so we were thinking where all the other exchange students were?! We felt it quite difficult to meet and get to know the American students but I guess it just takes time.

I have two normal courses Ethical issues in Sport and Event Management and two online courses Introduction to Sport Management and Leisure and Contemporary Society. We have same courses with Roosa expect one. She doesn’t have the Sport management but Sport and Event fundraising.

Aila Ahonen our lecturer came to visit our University and we had a couple lessons with her and had a dinner with her in Downtown. We also got to meet Kiki who is responsible of the exchange relations in UF.

We had an event at Thursday called Recstravagansa, where all the UF sporting clubs were introduced. They also offered free t-shirts and pizza (In every student event there is free pizza and possibility to win t-shirts). There was exhibition of sport possibilities and games and we found many interesting spots there. Roosa found gymnastics club there and we also met a person who told us that UF recsports will organise many trips during the fall and the signing up event would be next week. They offer many trips every semester like canoeing, surfing, swimming, back packing trips. We decided to go for some of the trips although they will cost a bit.

We explored many sports possibilities in the campus area and our favourite place is the stairs of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, where all the Gator games are played. Also the gym is really good and it has a pool outside, so you can always go to gym and have a nice swim after that. We have also tried running outside but the heat is way too much! Almost 34 celsius degrees.. Maybe later this fall it gets easier by the cooling weather.

Every students have their own “Navigator” who will help you with anything and be your first friend in UF. We contacted our Navigators about a week ago, and this week we were planning to see Roosa’s navigator at the weekend. Nevertheless she cancelled our meeting so we headed up to Downtown with our international student friends that we happen to met earlier this week.


Go Gators!