Hurricane season

Week 4:

Hey! First of all we really apologize our frequency of posting so don’t look the days when we have posted. Instead of that take a look for the week which is told at the beginning of our post, we appreciate > thank youuu!

So..We arrived back to home from Daytona beach on Monday 22:00 and noticed that we should return one assignment and do one online quiz (little exam) before 23:59 so we had a nice ending for our mini holiday. Luckily we had off day from school on Tuesday so we didn’t need to wake up early.

Anyways next day was quite hectic because of Hurricane Irma was heading to Florida we had to make plans what to do: stay or not. Many local people told us that buy just some bottle water and you will be fine but our parents told us that maybe it is better to leave Gainesville for a while and go somewhere so we decided to go to Chicago. We bought flight tickets to Chicago but got only confirmation for return flight because they had overbooked the flight.. Apparently some other people had also decided to leave Florida. But no problem, I checked that it was 1710 km from Gainesville to Chicago so we rented a car from thursday morning to Saturday morning and we drove there. Estimated driving time was 16 hours but there was so much traffic because other people were also escaping from Florida so it took 14 hours at first day to drive 950km (Gainesville-Nahsville) and about 10 hours in Friday to drive 760km (Nashville-Chicago). We spent rest of the week in Chicago and went back to Gainesville following week wednesday so we had five days time to visit places in there.

Our first four weeks were overall full of everything that we didn’t expect when we came here but it has been great time. Not that much school yet but I think that next weeks will include more stuff from there 😀

Hurricane Irma expected path and some traffic 😀









Nashville – Music City -> that was a cool and different place! There was in many places live music all the time and it was easy to notice that we were at the city of country music.

Cloud Gate “Chicago bean”

Chicago Millennium park

And because we are in America we had to see one Baseball game or actually in our case half of it 🙂


Go Gators!