Labor week (end)

Week 3:

It is time to tell what we are doing at school.. We have lectures three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Lenght of the basic day is from 8:30 to 11:30 and on Friday only 10:40-11:30. Roosa has also lecture every monday from 16 to 19.

I have taken four courses as well as Roosa so we have total 12 credit hours which means 24etc in Finland. That was maxium amount they recommended for international exchange students. Three of our courses are same ones: Ethical issues in Sport, Event Management and Leisure and Contemporary Society. In addition I have Sport Management course and Roosa Sport Fundraising. We will post later more specifically what kind of courses these are!

After school week there was a weekend again and this time it was laborday weekend which basicly meant to us that we didn’t have school on Monday so we did some roadtrips. In Saturday we went by car to Saint Augustine with other exchange students from Germany and Denmark and from Sunday to Monday we were at Daytona Beach with one swedish and one polish exchange students.

Here is some pictures of the week.

Morning jogging view, our gym session, healthy lunch;)

Saint Augustine was 130km from Gainesville. We spent our day by visiting two different beaches and walking around the old city!

Daytona Beach was our second road trip and it was from our place about two hours drive. There we had two nice beach days.


Go Gators!