Back in Gainesville

After our trip to Chicago, we managed to come back on time to Gainesville and continue our studies. All the studies were really delayed because of the hurricane and that is why the first week was busy for all the students and for us too. Some people struggled with the damage of Irma, and gladly the teachers took that into account in their evaluation. Gladly, our apartment was safe and we didn’t get hit by the hurricane.

Our weekly schedule is quite nice, we don’t have much classes, but we get a lot of home work and almost every week there is quizzes and written assignments to return. Every course also has some kind of group work and presentation. The classes usually take from 50 minutes to 115 minutes, so I feel that the lessons ends before they even get started.

My and Riina’s school week schedule:


8.30-9.20 am Ethical Issues in Sport

10.40-11.30 am  Event Management

4-7 pm Sport and Event Fundraising (Only my course)

Tuesday: No classes


8.30-10.25 am Ethical issues in Sport

10.40-11.30 am Event Management

Thursday: No classes


10.40-11.30 am Event Management

WEB courses: Leisure Contemporary Society and Riina has also Sport Management

I am studying Sport and Event Fundraising, which is an interesting course. The teachers are working in Gator Boosters that are the fundraising organisation for Gator Sports. They are working to get donations from private donators and the amounts are from 1000- 500 000 dollars. All the donators are given something as a thanks for the money, and it can be something from wall calendars up to meetings with the players or coaches. They have donation chart where you see what you get with a certain amount of money. So, generally we are learning in the class what is fundraising in the University Sports Department, what it requires to be a good fundraiser and how is it possible to encourage the donators to give more and built long standing relationships with them. What was surprising, is that the donation amounts are so huge and you get just a little gifts for them. You have to give almost 10 000 dollars just to get that one wall calendar for example.

My other courses are also quite interesting, and I think that the favourite course of mine (but also the most demanding one) is the Ethical Issues in Sport. We are discussing about current ethical issues for example about cheating, doping and other problems in sports. Every lesson is starting with a prompt; we have 10 minutes to write about some issue that the teacher has chosen for the day and then we are separating to groups and sharing the thought first with a partner and then with everyone in the class. Usually in the lessons we are only discussing about the issues and the studying must be done for each class. We have two books (e-books from amazon because the physical books were really expensive) and we have to read a lot for every class. I think it is motivating to study for the classes because you know you always have to represent something at loud.

Event Management is not actually only for Sport Majoring students, it is under Tourism studies so it handling a lot of tourism industry and event planning in general. I like the teacher a lot and I think we have a nice way to study the subject. The one thing I don’t like is that we can’t have any computers, tablets or phones visible during a class (in any class). I am used to write everything down to my computer but now I have had to learn to do notes by hand again. I think it would be smart to just let everyone do their thing as it’s easier for them.

We have one common web course; Leisure Contemporary Society, where we have assignments every second week. There is aways quiz, written assignment and discussion point where you have to write your own opinion on something and also answer to at least two discussions there. I think the subject is interesting, but because it is web course, I don’t make as much effort for the course than for the others.

I am usually spending my leisure time doing my home work or spending time at University with our international friends. I also have joined the Club Gymnastics that has a lot of events in addition to the practises. I’m in an orange team that has practise only once in a week. I have got lot of friends from the Club and really enjoyed the fundraising events and social nights we have had. We have a fundraising event called Flips for Tips every Football day where we basically ask people money for doing gymnastics tricks for them. We got 400 dollars in two hours the time I participated there, and I heard usually the amount is something like that.

One of my dreams for this exchange fall was that I wanted to make some hiking trip, and I made it! I signed up for the Grayson Highlands hiking trip in Virginia which was super cool trip! It was 4 day long trip organised by The Core that is the University’s organisation. The views were really beautiful and the weather was nice and breezy, compared to the +30 degrees in Gainesville. We had our packs with us and we slept in the forest in tents. And one of the best things was that there were wild ponies and cows all over the place! There were little hardships before I got to the trip since I was in fever and I didn’t have any voice for the first two days. Also, guess who left sleeping bag home..

– Roosa-