One month left

The middle of the November and only four weeks until school semester is over. Time has started to fly since we’ve been here already over three months!

October was overall really busy time with the school because here it is common that all the courses have midterm exams and at the same time normal assignments and quizzes were running. Next busy time will be after Thanksgiving when final exams and presentations are coming.

One thing which has changed a lot at the end of October was weather. When we arrived here in August it was approximately 30-35 degrees warm at day time and 25-30 degrees at night time but now it has been about 20 degrees at day time and 5-10 degrees at night time!! It feels freezing 😀

Here is pictures of the main things what happened during October and at the beginning of the November.

AHL Ice Hockey games in San Diego – San Diego Gulls vs. Texas Stars.

Halloween at Tampa Busch Gardens. Overall Halloween takes here the whole October.

When we arrived to UF we got Navigators who are kind of our tutors here in Gaineville. I’m going with my navigator almost every week to a cross cultural group where is different activities every time. That time we went to Coon Hollo which is a Farm nearby.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Columbus Blue Jackets. NHL game at Amalie Arena was amazing, there was over 19 000 spectators watching the game. The arena was so cool and there was a outdoor “party” deck where I was able to see the downtown. It is said that Amalie Arena is one of the best arenas in the North America.

Road Trip to Tampa & Clearwater.

Veterans Day weekend at New Orleans with Roosa and our exchange student friends.

Next weekend I’m travelling to Miami with Roosa to see our Finnish friends and enjoying the holiday week because of Thanksgiving!