Last four weeks to go!

When we came home from Miami, we had lot of things to do. Only one week for the finals, and lot of assignments and presentations yet to come. For Monday, I had our Ethical issues of Sport- course’s final paper due day and also one presentation for Sport and Event fundraising. The week went fast, since we almost lived at the library.

The weekend came soon, and we braced ourselves for the next roadtrip to Palm Beach. I signed up for Palm Beaches Marathon, and luckily Riina promised to come support me. We left on Saturday morning and the run was going to be on Sunday at 6am. We arrived to the Palm Beach and explored the city a little bit. There were almost 30 minutes of fireworks because of the Marathon event, so we hung out the Saturday night in the city.

Sunday morning came and the Marathon started. We woke up 4.30am and started to get ready. My run went great, until 14 miles. It was nice and breezy in the early morning, but once the sun came out at 8am it became really hot. I couldn’t handle the heat and eventually I fainted after the 14 miles. They drove me to the EA tent and Riina came to pick me up from there. After this experience, I will promise not to run marathons again in hot destinations. 😀

After the marathon, we were really tired of travelling and decided to head back to Gainesville. On the way, we prepared our presentation for Ethical issues class. Our topic was performance enchanting drugs and our case study was about Therese Johaug’s doping scandal. We had to write 8-10 pages and prepare a short presentation of the topic. Eventually despite all the tiredness we handled the presentation with proud.

My gymnastics team had its last training ” Mock meet ” where we had our own competition in every events. Everyone was supposed to prepare their own routines and “compete” with them. I was and am sad that the practises are over. I got good friends from the team and this was certainly one of the very best things during my semester.

Gator Chomp! Go Gators!


The last exams were over after the second week of December and after that we had time to just hang out and prepare for going home. We had only two actual final exams and the other ones were essays or presentations.  In Sport and Event Fundraising we had presentation about major gift prospects, donor solicitation and stewardship. We did it in a small groups and everyone had to do and showcase 5 prospects of Yale University or University of Central Florida. I had my 5 prospects and I was also responsible of the powerpoint. I had a lot of work to do after our Miami trip, because our group-mates had a lot of other things to do and they weren’t able to sent them for me earlier. The presentation itself went well, and I felt like talking in English is now lot easier than before.

The exams weren’t as important by percentage according to the number of the course, and in my opinion this is a good system. We had assignments for each week to turn in and the lessons activities required reedings for every lesson. This system makes also the laziest students to do their job and it also gives opportunity to show your knowledge and ability on the way. It requires more work though.

We left Gainesville on 20th of January and drove to Orlando. Riina dropped me off to Airbnb to wait my boyfriend to come to spent holidays with me, and Riina continued to the airport to fly back home. My flight to home is 9.1. I tried to get earlier flight but that was the earliest I could get from Norwergian after 5th, so I am going to have little bit longer stay in here and prepare myself to the next spring.

Here is a couple of pictures of events of December:

Ryann’s Graduation day!


Graduation ceremony at O’Connel Center

Pictures from Navigators farewell party (uppear left) and from Emory’s birthday party!

Roomie picture

The Final Grades came 19th of January (Roosa’s)


Go Gators!

– Roosa