Preparing things for the exchange…so far so good

Time for my first post!
Preparations for the exchange have been going pretty well so far.
At this point I have been accepted to the University, Visa and dormitory applications have been sent.
The whole process has been quite clear but dealing with all the papers, money issues and etc. has been way more demanding that I have expected.  As a tip I would say that start in a EARLY phase…start gathering information about the school, country and especially start preparing yourself! You might have not thought all the things you need to take care of while your still in your home country. At least I didn’t…which is not a surprise at all!
Next step for me it’s the plane tickets! Can’t wait!
I’ll be posting whenever I feel there’s something worth of sharing with you 😀 But when I get to Japan I’m gonna start posting pictures and stories as often as possible!  Be prepared! Could it be January already?


Jess Nguyen
Posted 2.9.2011 at 8:51

Hei Laura,
Early morning and I came across this, never mind why 😀 added to my favorite, since I’m going away from Finland for exchange study also, it means something to me to know some things about where my friends have been, and how my friends are doing all around the world!
Good luck with the preparation!

Laura Ikonen
Posted 3.9.2011 at 20:12

Thanks Jess 🙂 Good luck as well! Are you gonna start keeping a blog also?
– Laura