2 weeks left in Fukuoka

So It’s almost time to go back home. Exactly 2 weeks until me and Lotta are going to Kioto and from there I’m going to Kansai international Airport, Osaka.
We’re taking a night bus from Fukuoka to Kioto, which lasts 10 hours -.- can’t wait!

It’s hard to describe the experience I’ve had in Japan. Of course I’ve still have 2 weeks left, but it’s nothing compared to time I’ve spend here. It’s saddening that once you feel yourself comfortable in the new environment, you need to go back home. I’ve met so many awesome people and learned way more than I ever could have imagined.
During the time I last did an entry and this day we’ve been studying a lot and spend pleasant time with friends here in Fukuoka.
Adapting to Japanese culture hasn’t been that hard as you might have imagined, all the exchange students are in the same situation and it helps everyone to support each other’s. It’s been very challenging to take the culture as it is really but I believe each one of us has managed to do that in our own ways.
We’ve studied hard and had ups and downs, but the worst is yet to come. Exams, which all of them are held in 2 days. It’s a different way of giving the exams compared to Finland and even the thought of 2 FULL days of exams is exhausting. But we can do it! みんな、がんばって!
Now in Japan, we’re having a Golden Week which is a week full of different national holidays.
And I got sick! YEAAH. But I’m fine now ^^
It’s the time when every Japanese person is travelling and it’s the time for different events. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Dontaku festival here in Fukuoka. It’s a good opportunity to see more of Japanese culture and relax before make up classes and exams.
Nex time I’m gonna post something is probably when I’m already in Finland!

No pictures or Finnish translation this time..sorry ^^ it’s a holiday and I’m feeling lazy! 🙂