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2 weeks left in Fukuoka

So It’s almost time to go back home. Exactly 2 weeks until me and Lotta are going to Kioto and from there I’m going to Kansai international Airport, Osaka. We’re taking a night bus from Fukuoka to Kioto, which lasts 10 hours -.- can’t wait! It’s hard to describe the experience I’ve had in Japan. […]


It’s been almost 2 of months since I last did an entry. I’ve been quite busy during these 2 months. Finally live is “normalized” here. Living here in Japan feels ALMOST normal now! We’ve been studying hard during these two months. Especially studying Japanese has been quite demanding but my skills have been improved a […]

Studying….opiskelu…勉強…It’s almost the same thing everywhere!

  Studying in Seinan Gakuin University   So almost 2 weeks have passed since I arrived to Fukuoka. Today was the day that I’ve finally started all the courses I have chosen. Here’s the list of courses I’m taking this Spring Semester. Beginning Japanese (3×2 credits) Japanese Literature in English Translation (2 credits) History of […]

First day of school in Seinan Gakuin University

So today was the first official day of school. I attended 2 courses from 11am to 3pm. Courses I had today were “Japanese politics and foreign policy” and Pre-intermediate Japanese. We had a Russian teacher on politics class and what surprised me was that there will be no final exam. The course consists of teacher’s […]

JAPAN FINALLY! demo…nihongo wa dekimasen!

Japan finally! I can’t believe this. Me and Lotta Watia arrived on Wednesday morning to Osaka Kansai airport and spend couple of hours in Osaka. After that we took a ferry to Fukuoka since there was no direct flight from Helsinki. We left Helsinki 3rd of January and arrived to our dorm (Internationa house) around […]

Preparing things for the exchange…so far so good

Time for my first post! Preparations for the exchange have been going pretty well so far. At this point I have been accepted to the University, Visa and dormitory applications have been sent. The whole process has been quite clear but dealing with all the papers, money issues and etc. has been way more demanding […]