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2 weeks left in Fukuoka

So It’s almost time to go back home. Exactly 2 weeks until me and Lotta are going to Kioto and from there I’m going to Kansai international Airport, Osaka.
We’re taking a night bus from Fukuoka to Kioto, which lasts 10 hours -.- can’t wait!

It’s hard to describe the experience I’ve had in Japan. Of course I’ve still have 2 weeks left, but it’s nothing compared to time I’ve spend here. It’s saddening that once you feel yourself comfortable in the new environment, you need to go back home. I’ve met so many awesome people and learned way more than I ever could have imagined.
During the time I last did an entry and this day we’ve been studying a lot and spend pleasant time with friends here in Fukuoka.
Adapting to Japanese culture hasn’t been that hard as you might have imagined, all the exchange students are in the same situation and it helps everyone to support each other’s. It’s been very challenging to take the culture as it is really but I believe each one of us has managed to do that in our own ways.
We’ve studied hard and had ups and downs, but the worst is yet to come. Exams, which all of them are held in 2 days. It’s a different way of giving the exams compared to Finland and even the thought of 2 FULL days of exams is exhausting. But we can do it! みんな、がんばって!
Now in Japan, we’re having a Golden Week which is a week full of different national holidays.
And I got sick! YEAAH. But I’m fine now ^^
It’s the time when every Japanese person is travelling and it’s the time for different events. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Dontaku festival here in Fukuoka. It’s a good opportunity to see more of Japanese culture and relax before make up classes and exams.
Nex time I’m gonna post something is probably when I’m already in Finland!

No pictures or Finnish translation this time..sorry ^^ it’s a holiday and I’m feeling lazy! 🙂


It’s been almost 2 of months since I last did an entry. I’ve been quite busy during these 2 months. Finally live is “normalized” here. Living here in Japan feels ALMOST normal now! We’ve been studying hard during these two months. Especially studying Japanese has been quite demanding but my skills have been improved a lot! (thanks to our amazing Japanese teachers). Sometimes we even have classes during Saturdays due to cancellations of normal classes. This really differs from studying in Finland.

At the moment it’s spring vacation for Japanese students (which is more than 1 month). Japanese semester ends in March and begins in April which means that our school is going to have new students in the beginning of the April. At the moment the campus is quite empty…just us international students and some hardworking students. Yaay! this means that it’s e.g possible to have a lunch while sitting 😀 Normally campus and cafeterias are really packed.

I’m very surprised I haven’t experienced a cultural shock yet. Maybe it’s because I had some knowledge of the language and culture before coming here. And as well people are so nice and I have some Finnish friends here as well. Of course I get homesick sometimes. And today it’s the day I’ve been here exactly half of the time I’m supposed spend in Japan. Feels pretty unbelievable! Time is literally running out.

We had a “spring break” during the beginning of the February. Me, Lotta and some other exchange students travelled to Busan, South Korea for 5 days. It took about 3 hours by the ferry and it was such a great trip. It really made me realize how much I actually understand Japanese culture and living, since in Korea I felt totally lost. I couldn’t understand language and after being used to Japanese manners I could say I experienced some kind of culture shock there.

During the weekends  we’ve been trying Japanese food, singing Karaoke, visiting Izakayas, parks and even did some ice-skating and bowling. It’s been such an experience! And one thing I can’t wait is Hanami (“flower viewing”) meaning going to a park for a picnic when cherry trees are in their full blossom. Spring is here! It’s about +15*c here now in Fukuoka 🙂










Aikaa on tosiaan hieman vierähtänyt viime kerrasta! On ollut aikamoinen kiire tässä parin kuukauden aikana. Etenkin Japanintunnit on aiheuttanut paljon töitä ja monesti viikot menee kirjaimellisesti testeihin lukemiseen. Kivaa on silti ollut 🙂  Tällä hetkellä meidän kampus on melko tyhjillään kun japanilaiset on lomilla. No eipä haittaa, kun mm. pääsee syömään koulun ruokalaan ilman kauheaa jonottamista. Tänään on se päivä kun mun matka on puolessa välissä. Käsittämätöntä miten aika on kulunut nopeasti. Parikuukautta on tullut oltua nyt Fukuokassa. Vielä ei ole kulttuurishokkia tullut, mikä on sinäänsä ihme. Ehkäpä se on auttanut että mulla on ollut jotain tietoa kulttuurista ennen tänne tuloa ja vähän kielitaitoa. Ja mm. Lotta on ollut niin paljon apuna että ei voi tarpeeksi kiittää! 🙂 Kaikkea kivaa on tullut tehtyä. Lomalla käytiin Busanissa, Etelä-Koreassa vaihtariporukan kanssa. Lisäksi mm. Karaokessa (ollaan vakkariasiakkaita nyt!), keilaamassa, luistelemassa ollaan käyty. Japanilaista ruokaa on testailtu paljon ja nyt odotellaan Hanamin aikaa, mikä tarkoittaa että päästään puistoon piknikille katselemaan kirsikankukkia. Kirsikankukkien aikaan kaikki Japanilaiset kerääntyy puistoihin. Fukuokassa on nyt kevät! Joka päivä on melkein +15 astetta lämmintä. Jee 🙂





JAPAN FINALLY! demo…nihongo wa dekimasen!

Japan finally! I can’t believe this.

Me and Lotta Watia arrived on Wednesday morning to Osaka Kansai airport and spend couple of hours in Osaka. After that we took a ferry to Fukuoka since there was no direct flight from Helsinki.
We left Helsinki 3rd of January and arrived to our dorm (Internationa house) around 8am 5th of January. It was a long trip but defnitely worth it. There was no problems at all which was quite a surprise. BUT when entering the border…surprise…my visa had a small problem. My sex was marked as “Male”. DO I LOOK LIKE MALE TO YOU? 😀 But nevertheless was able to enter Japan.

There were 2 students from Seinan Gakuin University to pick us up from Hakata station.
First day we were introduced with our room which is awesome! The whole dorm is great and the locations is superb.

During this past week we’ve been able to experience a lot. It’s hard to explain all in details.
We have wandered in the city, visited Tenjin which is a big shopping district, tried traditional Japanese Izakaya and visited Ohori Park, Japanese garden and famous Fukuoka Castle Ruins.
Tomorrow will be the first day of school! ^^

One thing I’ve realized is that although been studying Japanese for 1½ years I CAN’T speak Japanese. It takes a lot of courage for me to try…I do understand some but speaking is still quite troublesome.
We also had a Japanese placement test in which I was put into Pre-Intermediate level. I hope I can learn a lot though!

People are extremely nice and polite…They will always do whatever needed to help you! 🙂 And food is awesome.

I’ll try to post more often because no one wants to read this long posts, ne? 😀

Oh yeah, and boy do Japanese like their application forms! At least in our school you need to fill application form for everything! You should see my pile of papers!