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Smart City Helsinki & Barcelona Showcases

Case: Conference Hotel of Tomorrow

The Conference Hotel of Tomorrow –research project aims to find out what are the physical, virtual and social changes that will take place in future meetings. As a lab for the project an innovative meeting room Griini was built, which companies can book for holding more successful meetings. Prototype Griini offers video conferencing, the use […]

Living Lab Coaching, 2nd day

2nd day of Living lab coaching is going on @ Haaga-helia university of applied sciences in Helsinki. The theme for today is “why living lab ?” So we discuss of the benefits for stakeholders, ROI, sustainability and touch also business models of living labs Coaching is a part of neloskierre -project (funded by ESF), and […]

2nd Enoll Living Lab Summer School @ Citilab Barcelona

We can learn how to innovate through living labs – the theme of the summer school. Juha Ruuska & Piotr Krawczyk from Lutakko Living Lab are taking part in 2nd Living Lab Summer School in Barcelona. Hosted by Enoll (European Network of Living Labs), the program has included diffrent workshops about Living Lab research/methodology, smart […]

Lutakko Living Lab mukana tänään julkaistavassa palvelumuotoilun kirjassa

Lutakko Living Lab on ollut  mukana tuottamassa 4.5. julkaistavaa kirjaa  “Palvelumuotoilu – uusia menetelmiä käyttäjätiedon  hankintaan ja kehittämiseen”. Kirjan julkaisutilaisuus pidetään tänään Laureassa Service Innovation & Design Seminaarin yhteydessä jossa julkaisun esittelee Petri Lehto Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriöistä. Otteita tiedotteesta: Palvelumuotoilu – uusia menetelmiä käyttäjätiedon hankintaan ja hyödyntämiseen esittelee uuden tavan kehittää käyttäjälähtöisiä palveluja. Se on […]

ilutakko user community videos

ilutakko on Lutakossa toimiva avoin ideayhteisö lutakkolaisille. Käy katsomassa esittelyvideot YouTubesta: ilutakko is our open user community  in Lutakko area. Here’s 2  introductory videos for engaging users in Finnish @ youtube:

Living Lab Coaching a Success

Living lab coaching which started today is a success, over 60 Finnish living lab operators enrolled for the 3-day coaching! That is way over expectations. The coaching is a part of national Living lab -project ( Lutakko Living Lab acts as one of the coaches.

Lutakko Living Lab / JAMK university of applied sciences elected to Enoll Council

General assembly of Enoll was held in Bruessels 28.3, and it elected also Lutakko Living Lab/Juha Ruuska to its council. This means more co-operation internationally and hopefully new development, ideas and European parnerships. Lutakko Living Lab is now an effective member of Enoll. See more:

Afterthoughts from Barcelona

On 10th & 11th of March Ihad the chance to visit two living labs in Barcelona with some Finnish living labbers of the Neloskierre (quadruple helix of finnish universities of applied sciences) network/project. The two were citilab ( and 22@barcelona ( Also visited Esade business school (, which is one of the most appriciated business schools in the […]

Dissertation on Service Experience

@  Seeing experience as a phenomenon ( Heikkula is trying to make sense of Service Experience and formalise it. Had a quick look, its just a fine thesis. Philosophical, Cultural and Social theory seem light years away although it tries to borrow from that tradition. Universities should change the user interface of dissertations.