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Afterthoughts from Barcelona

On 10th & 11th of March Ihad the chance to visit two living labs in Barcelona with some Finnish living labbers of the Neloskierre (quadruple helix of finnish universities of applied sciences) network/project. The two were citilab ( and 22@barcelona ( Also visited Esade business school (, which is one of the most appriciated business schools in the world. 

Especially citilab concept was interesting with impressive physical premises (previously old textile factory) and various different labs. The main clues for understanding citilab is ict, knowledge society, social inclusion, living lab and constructivism.

Some active labs:                                                    

Senior lab – seniors, ict and knowledge society
Labour Lab: create a new profession
Media lab – user media production, user content
Music lab – cultural exchange and communication through music
Coffee lab – we want one!