Towards unknown Malta


Hi , I am a kindergarten teacher, Marja Ruotsalainen from Jyväskylä and  now on  my study holiday, maybe next step little closer to graduate some day to Bachelor of Rehabilitation. My professional bag has still some place for this.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle life is too short

My dream begins to come true soon. I started to plan my chance to make an internship abroad last autumn 2015,  immediately after the start of my studies.  I was going to England in my 18´s, but falling in love disrupted the idea of that dream . Now it´s  finally coming for real. I explored  a variety of possibilities. At first I thought Bali and, of course, also free time there, sure for Scuba Dive. But then rationalize my thoughts a little bit. However, I would like more to go to Europe. Then it lightened…hm.. Malta….okay…Malta was for me familiar through  scuba diving there many years. I started then to search for possible internship place from there. And finally found it: There have been already some other trainees, so  all the practical arrangements were  quite easy.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle sähköposti

I contact by e-mail  in January 2016 the  Inspire foundations practise counselor Danjela Falzon and asked for an internship place and suitable time to go there. Green ligth was shown.  At the same time I found out also one apartement for rent. With the international exchange of briefing and the assistance of Armi , I finally made the application for Erasmus funding. The fund decision arrived in the summer and so now looking forward  for August whether  the promised 80%  funding is coming into my  account. 

For my accomodation I have already paid for one month advance rent, without  visiting on the spot.  I trust now on an italian lessor, hope there is a key to my home door. Flights have already been paid, unfortunately, I did not get Finnair’s direct flights, but with Lufthansa to Munich and from there to Malta. Timo has happily agreed to come for his summer vacation in October for 3 weeks and also my loved sister from Switzerland comes to visit. I try to live day by day, so let´s see how anxious I am after few weeks.