Thunderstorm and working in pediatric A&E

First two days in pediatric A&E ward are behind. As we said earlier, our mentor in ward is a great person! We are getting used to Maltese health system and we are a little bit confused about it. Each and every treatment and medicine is free of charge for patients here! Cancer treatments, surgeries, basically everything! Patient gets all his/her medicines free of charge as well! That’s the reason why patients come to get treatment for quite small reasons. We heard that kids’ parents have told children not to go to school so they could stay home and take care of the younger siblings. Nowadays parents’ benefits are cutted if the child is away from school too often for no reason.

We have already seen quite many small cases which could have been handled at home without a hospital care. Another thing which really makes us confused is that there’s only one nurse working in one shift at this moment. Luckily some other nurses are coming, but that’s happening during next month. Although there’s only one nurse there are a lot of doctors going in and out of the ward.

Children comes in to ward after  the triage nurse’s assessment. Triage system is the same here as in Finland because it’s a global system. After assessmet, children come in and see a doctor. The nurse’s responsibility has been to do all the measurements, like weight, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. All the documentation is done by hand writing so it takes a lot of time. They told us that the documentation is going to be electrical but it’s has just taken some baby steps. After doctor’s assessment and all the measurements, nurses scan the documents to other nurses whose responsibility is to decide where the patients will go after the pediatric A&E. Pediatric wards have very nice names; the basic wards are Wonderland and Disneyland.  The surgical ward is called Fairyland.

Our mentor took us for a sightseeing in the emergency unit. We got to see the system of adult emergency treatment, ambulance and the acute emergency room. The facilities are quite new because the renovation in the unit. Mater Dei is the only government hospital in Malta. It’s very nice to notice that the government takes care of the place and wants to develop it.

After a day in the hospital we went to International Welcome Party at the University of Malta. The student organisation was selling booze there and the students were having fun. After couple of hours we found ourselves dancing in the nightclub in official afterparty. Now we understand why everybody are saying that you have to go to Paceville if you want to party. The streets, pubs and nightclubs were crowded although it was Wednesday. Free transport back to the University residence, baked eggs with lots of salt and pesto. So Finnish but still so good! There was not time for good night wishes because both fell asleep immediately we got to our beds.

Today we got finally our prepaid cards to work. Tiia had to buy a whole new phone to make it because the phone she has was sim locked. Luckily she wasn’t annoyed – the old phone was a little bit ancient 😀 Now she has enough memory to download every game she has been dreaming about.

In the evening it came. The first real rain after summer time in Malta. And when we say it came, it really came. Actually it was a thunderstorm. We have never seen the same in Finland! All the sky was lighted and we felt as we would have been in a disco. (Some kind of a flashback to last night we guess. :-D)

20151001_002507Party street in Paceville!

Tomorrow is a new day in pediatric unit and also new party, let’s see what will happen…

Hugs, Katariina & Tiia