Getting used to Malta

So, it’s been a long week. After our last post, we have listened some jazz in beautiful Valletta, partied in Paceville and done very very long days at Mater Dei Hospital. We continued in pediatrics A+E at this week. We got to visit in adult side of the emergency and it was really interesting especially after spending so many hours in pediatrics A+E for doing nothing. They just got new deputy nurse and general nurses so basically they had lots of paper work to do and no time for mentor us. After visiting adult emergency unit we decided to go ask from our Erasmus manager if it would be possible to go to do the rest of the pediatrics place to somewhere else. After couple of calls we got a place from pediatrics ward called Disneyland. We went there for the rest of the day which was really nice.












So, Disneyland. For very beginning we entered there the staff asked to help them with taking parameters which hadn’t happened in A+E even once. The nurses in Disneyland have more responsibilities than they have in A+E; they can take blood samples and insert cannulas if doctors aren’t able to do that. They also are responsible for drug treatment to be done like in Finland so in next day we already had chance to practice drug calculations and filling up syringes with antibiotics. It took some time but we were so satisfied to do something!

There have been very interesting cases and the admissions what we have observed have been really taughtful. In other hand, it has been a real awakening to reality: for example we got a baby having a drug addiction because the mother was using drugs during the pregnancy, a young child with organ transplant, a few days old baby needing phototherapy. But it has also been very nice to realize that you can act as a real professional though the cases are making you sad.


In few days we have learnt so many things that it’s kind of sad that to finish our hours we need only one more shift in the next week. The staff in the ward have been really nice and helpful; we have had really interesting conversations about differences in health services between Malta and Finland. They have also given us so many good tips to discover Malta so we are not sure anymore if we have enough time to do them all. Luckily, they said today that we are welcome to enjoy coffee with them whenever we want during our other placements!


Now, the freetime. Last week we bought memberships for the gym which is located in near five-star hotel. It costed 150 euros for three months but is inclunding one back massage session and personal trainer meeting. We can also use spa services: pools and SAUNA. We haven’t tried sauna yet because the heat outside has been enough but maybe there’s a rainy day. The training is starting slowly because we have done 10 hour working days so we haven’t really had the energy for gym at the evenings at all. Tiia is still little bit confused about this new page in her life but luckily she has a good teacher and mentor 😉


20151006_134235 We bought new trainers for us, exactly the same!

Now after almost two weeks we have met really nice people and the evenings are spent at the residence cafeteria with others. We are really waiting for weekend activities to relax from work stress. Right now it’s raining but we guess there is going to be sunny days enough to enjoy as well. Still the winter is coming and here it means rains…


Optimistic regards,

Tiia & Katariina