Ending of the first placement

About a week and half ago we managed to finish our pediatric placement in Disneyland ward. For the last week we only had to do two working days which left us lots of free time. During the time we spent in Disneyland we saw many many many times when children were cannulated or the doctors and nurses used this “broken needle” technique to have a blood sample from them. This broken needle thing was quite a surprise to us because basically they cut the injection needle to have a tube which is inserted to vein and blood is collected drop by drop through the tube. The staff told us they are using that method when they do only need a blood sample. The technique looks quite harsh when the needle is sticking out from one’s hand.

We got to see a case where a baby was ultrasounded because they were suspecting some kind of cyst. Other interesting thing to observate was when one nurse taught to parents of preborn baby how to do CPR to the baby in case of emergency. The differences in the guidelines between here and in Finland were:

– When need of CPR it’s has to be done first for a minute and if the baby isn’t reacting then call 112. In Finland is guided to call immediately when realizing need of CPR.

-The rhythm with compressions and breaths after first 5 rescue breaths is 15 compressions and 2 breaths while in Finland is 30:2.


To sum up: we saw wide range of diseases and conditions affecting children and also their parents. We learnt how to act as a professional when the client is a child without forgetting one’s parents. Also we figured out what is the role of children’s ward in the Mater Dei hospital as part of Maltese health care system. Basically children are coming from pediatrics A+E to the ward and continuing after discharge to day care unit if needed.



Tiia & Kata