Visitors from Finland

On the same week me and Katariina finished our placement in the pediatrics there was an autumn holiday in Finland so my boyfriend arrived here in Malta. For that week I lived like real tourist without worrying about my next placement.

On Monday we had to work with Katariina but in afternoon when we came back to the residence and the three of us decided to go for a walk to near by hill area which we learnt to be town called Naxxar. After that we arrived just right in time to the movie night kept in the pool area in the residence arranged by AEGEE Erasmus team. It was really nice because it was my first time experience in kind of open-air movie theater and AEGEE was offering us free popcorns and soft drinks.

On Tuesday we continued the week like it should be started: we packed our bags and headed to Golden Bay beach which is sandy beach and really popular among tourists. Though the beach was quite full of people we really enjoyed the hot sand and warm turquoise sea. Compared to some really well tanned persons in the beach we must have looked like a couple of Hattifatteners… (Check if you don’t know:

20151013_142221 Golden Bay beach!

After enjoying the beach life enough we moved to eat to the restaurant called Apple’s eye. We ordered foods that are quite familiar in Finland also: rabbit and bass but made in Maltese way of course. And that bass was nothing like in Finland; it’s fishbones were so huge that I could have choked because of them.

After short visit in the residence (read: buying beer) we returned to Golden Bay as ESN team had arranged bonfire evening there. We were expecting quite bigger bonfire because what we are used to during Midsummer Day in Finland but it was more like a campfire. Still it was nice to see the same beach in the dark time and we had nice time with other Erasmus people.

On Wednesday we went to see some sea life in the Malta National Aquarium in San Pawl. It took some time before me and my boyfriend found it and it wasn’t that big we thought but it was worth it.

20151014_162500The biggest crab I have ever seen. Quite scary…

After the visit in aquarium we decided to go to Valletta to find something to eat. We ended up to same place that me and Katariina went on the first week and ordered some swordfish(!!) and pasta frutti di mare so pasta full of sea animals. Pasta that I was eating was delicious but still couldn’t eat the octopus’s tenticle which wasn’t chopped to little pieces but was long, real tenticle. I know that there wasn’t any difference in taste but some how I just couldn’t put it in my mouth:(

On Thursday we just visited in Sliema to do some shopping and looking around but there wasn’t not much to see so we returned to the residence. But Friday was great day. We left in the morning from residence and took a bus to Cirkewwa where the ferries are leaving to Gozo, the other island belonging to the Republic of Malta. The ferry trip took only 25 minutes and we also saw the famous Blue Lagoon which is located next to Comino, the third inhibited island.

After we arrived to Gozo we took a bus to Dwejra where is one of the most famous attraction in Malta, Azure Window. It is (according to wikipedia) a Limestone natural arch but the picture tells it better:



In Dwejra there’s also and Inland Sea, a lagoon of seawater which connects to Mediterranean Sea through opening of natural arch. The sea floor is full of smooth rocks and you can also go to swim in to the natural arch.


After swimming in the Inland Sea we decided to try some other beach and took a bus to Marsalforn Bay. We found out that it was really tiny beach and because the day had turned already to afternoon we just enjoyed the silence and peace in that beach and didn’t go for a swim. In that area there were lots of restaurants so we decided to eat there. We chose neapolitan restaurant and ordered pizzas (of course) and bottle of maltese red wine. When the darkness came there were nice lights everywhere and really peaceful atmosphere. It was perfect ending for the perfect day.

But… it wasn’t ending. After we came back to the residence there were lots of people drinking and (of course) going to Paceville. I was weak to sweet talk and soon we found us from the roof top party drinking some predrinks and waiting for taxi to Paceville. Was it bad decision or not, at least my boyfriend now knows what I’m going through here 😀

On Saturday we woke up late and left to look for St. Peter’s Pool. Because I hadn’t been there before with other Erasmus people, the road to the beach from the bus stop was quite an adventure to find. It was worth of it even we couldn’t be there more than few hours before it started to get cold. Still, it was so amazing to jump from the cliff to the sea though I was an amateur and got seawater everywhere: my nose, mouth, ears, eyes…


On Sunday me and Katariina had the boat trip to the Blue Lagoon with Erasmus people. It was really nice trip; this time I knew how to keep water away from my airway when jumping from boat to water. I also got my face (forehead and NOSE) burnt so I looked like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.


After we came back I only had couple of hours to spent with my boyfriend before he had to leave to the airport. It was of course sad but I really had enjoyed the whole week fully with him and he did too. Especially, Gozo, stays in our hearts <3