Hello from the other side

For a nice change: a post about our life outside the hospital; the famous and precious freetime.

The rabbit meal

In October, we went with two Norwegian friends to Charlie’s Inn, a restaurant famous for its rabbit meals. The rabbit is traditional Maltese food, you can find whole rabbits from meat desks in the supermarkets. For main dish we decided to order the whole rabbit to be shared with four of us. As starters we ordered rabbit ravioli and spaghetti with rabbit sauce. As if that wouldn’t be enough we were served a starter for a starter: cooked snails with some sauces to dip with! For me it wasn’t the first time to eat the snails but for Kata it was.

After the first starters the actual ones arrived after nicely timed pause enough to breathe and prepare to the next one. The rabbit ravioli, that both of us were eating, was delicious with creamy sauce and enjoyed with Maltese red wine. After finishing the starters we were really thinking how we are going to survive with the main dish. And then it arrived, the whole rabbit put in pieces and served with chips (of course):


The meat was really soft and tender but that wasn’t even the most amazing to discover but that the meal was actually including almost everything: the head with the brains, the eyes, the tongue and teeth as well as the liver and the heart. I skipped the head parts but the liver and the heart were actually quite nice. During the meal everybody was only able to repeat how delicious the food is and just fill the glasses with red wine again and again.


After eating so much we couldn’t be stopped anymore so we still ordered coffees to make the perfect ending for this dinner. But what really made this dinner to worth it was the moment when the bill was given: the whole dinner with the starters, the rabbit, the coffees and two bottles of wine was only just little over hundred euros. Not bad for that amount of great food and even better service. No wonder that we tipped quite nicely…

After the dinner we took a cab to take us to a bar where a rock music event was kept. There was only DJ playing the music, but man, it was really nice change for Paceville: the music was actually good and you could have actual conversation with others without shouting each others ears. 😉


The Halloween Treasure Hunt in Mdina

On the Halloween week, the ESN Malta organized a zombie treasure hunt event in the oldest city in Malta, Mdina, also known as Silent City. Katariina wanted to stay home, so only I jumped in to bus with other residence people. After we arrived to Mdina, we formed teams of ten people. We were then given papers which were full of questions about Mdina and that we were supposed to solve by going around Mdina. There were also a task to spot 4 different kinds of zombies (the sleeping, the moaning, the limping and the one armed) wandering around the area and get their signatures. There was also a trick: two other zombies who were able to act as one of the main four and remove their signatures.

The treasure hunt was basically running around the Mdina because the time limit of 1,5 hour. There were 38 questions/tasks but we managed to solve most of them and also had fun. Mdina is really a silent city in the night and very beatiful as lamps shed yellow light to streets and narrow alleys creating quite spooky but same time romantic feeling to the city.


The Halloween

On 31st October we dressed up for the Halloween. We had already bought some staff day earlier and now it was just making up something scary from what we got. And this was the result of couple of hours of fun:



And the answer for obvious question: yes, we went to Paceville. Crazy night, that’s all I can say.


The ESN Gozo weekend

A week after the halloween was the long waited Gozo weekend that was fully booked. On Friday evening the two buses full of Erasmus people headed to Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal in north Malta. The ferry ride took only twentyfive minutes and in Gozo the new buses were waiting for us to take us to farmhouses somewhere middle of Gozo.

The farmhouses were just something amazing compared to University Residence. We got actual beds (no bunkbeds), a living room AND a kitchen, a terrace WITH pool (dirty but still cool) and in every room an OWN bathroom. Simply luxury.


After settling down, the was, of course, welcoming party in the main farmhouse with open bar and free hamburgers. The next morning was bit hard after the long night but there were no options because the Saturday was the sightseeing day. First, we went to see the Azure’s Window in Dwejra. That was the second time for me but Katariina’s first time.


The next stop was Ta’Pinu Sanctuary. The most interesting thing in the church were “miracle walls” where was hanging lots of staff proving happened miracles: plasters, photos, baby clothes, walking sticks. Those walls were actually really creepy…


We also climbed to top of the near hill and on the route there were statues of religious figures. The view from the top was quite nice:


The last stop before going back to the farmhouses was Xlendi Bay where can get most delicious icecream in Malta according to the ESN team. And yeah, it was really good;) There were also little sightseeing route to grotto (cave). View from the route:


Back at the farmhouses the ESN team served us pizza and we prepared for the theme party of the evening: welcome to the jungle! Kata had the perfect outfit for the evening, zebra leggins, but I had to improvise little and I ended up to be a jungle bush with messy hair and wild looking shalwar (pants from Nepal). From our farmhouse we also got a snake, a jungle girl, a flower girl and a jungle hippie.

On Sunday we only visited shortly in Ramla Bay which was really nice beach and the weather was favourable: over 25 degrees in November! We could have spent more time in there but for some reason we had to leave earlier. All in all, we had really nice weekend with many new people and we truly fell in love with beauty, silence and peacefulness of Gozo.


More about our freetime later, the post is already long enough!



Tiia & Katariina