Katariina Oikarinen

Home sweet home

I have been home for couple of weeks now. The Christmas evening, new years evening and all those parties are all behind and it’s time to continue normal life. What is normal life for me? Studying of course, but also working in the local pharmacy, friends and gym. Feelings in the airport of Malta were…

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Freetime pt.2

This is the second post about our freetime in Malta. In the previous post we told You about traditional Maltese food (rabbit), our Halloween happenings and the Gozo weekend. That’s not all. Thanks for the University’s student organizations, we had a lot to do in our freetime. Here are some examples we did during those 3…

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Womanhood in our hands

Now we have started our last placement in Mater Dei hospital. The last but not the worst. In the beginning we thought that we would never like to work in the operative side. But after these couple of weeks our mind is starting to change… 🙂 There’s 20 different kind of operating theatres with their…

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