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Two occupational therapy students on practical training in Malta, Spring 2017

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About the LiveLife

We are doing our occupational therapy practical trainee at the Physical Rehabilitation Centre which is called LiveLife. It is the first private specialised Physical Rehabilitation Centre on the Maltese Islands situated in Sliema. At the moment we are working mostly with the adults and elderly who have been transferred to the LiveLife from the main hospital Mater Dei. Typically the clients have had joint replacement surgery,  traumatic brain injury or some other physical injury. They will be staying at LiveLife few days or weeks before they will be going home.

There are many professionals working in LiveLife as Multi Disciplinary Team: doctors, nurses, carers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologist, exercise physiologists and psychologists. Also many students from different countries are doing their practical trainee in LiveLife. We are working with two occupational therapists and one occupational therapy assistant. OT’s are Maltese and OT assistant is Italian. All together the atmosphere in LiveLife is very international, vivid and lively, and we enjoy it a lot.

Some of the clients speaks only Maltese but most of them speaks perfect English. It makes things easy for us, to communicate and do therapy-sessions with them. Above all the clients are mainly very pleased about the treatment and rehabilitation they are having in LiveLife. It is a really rewarding to work with them.

The facilities in LiveLife are good. All the clients have their own rooms or they share it with one another client. The rooms are all furnished and they are light, spacious and include big bathroom. The hallways and lifts are big and wide, so it’s easy to move around with wheelchair or frame walker. On the ground floor there is a garden area which is a nice place to go with clients when the weather is good. For the therapy-sessions there are gym and assisted kitchen which can be used. We are doing most of our sessions in the client’s room. For cookery sessions we use the assisted kitchen and dining room. Sometimes we borrow some equipment from the gym which is mostly used by the physiotherapists.

Clinics & Specialists in Live Life

Foot Clinic
Musculoskeletal Screening
Occupational Therapy
Speech Language Pathology
Sports & Exercise Medicine

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Welcome to our neighbourhood!

How we live in Malta? In Finland we were considering what would be the best way to found place to live. So we decide to book room for first week from Airbnb and then find apartment when we arrived to Malta. However, when departure started to get closer and we were sometimes looking for rooms, we noticed that flats and rooms started to be booked specially in May. Therefore we started to be a bit nervous and decided to book room rest of time as well. Airbnb isn’t the cheapest way to live but at the same time we get an opportunity to live with a local family. Anyway, now we live with single mother and her seven years old daughter in a small flat.


Our home is in town called San Gwann which is nearby Sliema were our workplace is. From San Gwann to Sliema is 2.5 km so we could easily walk that way to work. Usually we stop by small shops to buy food after work. In our neighbourhood is large cat army. Every cat lovers should live here. There is black, white, with striped, colourful, honey colour and so many more. Our neighbour actually feed them therefore it’s not wonder why we couldn’t even count them.

Coffee is cheaper here than in Finland especially in cafes. We really enjoy cafe’s here. Actually in very next street from us is very lovely cafe. There you can order remarkable tiramisu. We recommend that for everyone who would like to have tiny piece of heaven.

Greetings from Malta!

Hello, we are Minttu and Asta, two occupational therapy students from JAMK and we are doing our practical training at the moment in Malta.

It was almost a year ago when we first time discussed together about going abroad. Our idea was to go somewhere in Europe where you can learn and speak English, and where the weather will be sunny and warm. Both of us had already done one practical trainee period, Asta with elderly people and Minttu with stroke clients. This time we were looking for the place where we could do occupational therapy with adults or with children.

We met International Coordinator Armi Hirvonen from JAMK International Services in May 2016. She gave us information about different options in Malta. After we had visited LiveLife and Inspire webpages, we were convinced that Malta will be perfect for us.

After sending couple of emails we got the answers from both places. Inspire was already having OT trainees for the springtime 2017. Fortunately we got really welcoming message from Rehabilitation Centre Manager Robert Grech from LiveLife and they were ready to accept us for the traineeship.

Therefore, we met Armi again (thank you for your patience!) and filled in necessary application forms etc. In the end of January 2017 everything was done and organized, the learning agreement for traineeships were signed, and we were ready to book our flights!

The adventure is about to begin…

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