Taking Notes in Malta

Two occupational therapy students on practical training in Malta, Spring 2017

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Nature, sights and sceneries

On one weekend we decide to go to the Poppey Village. Yes, Malta have true Poppey Village in North part of Malta. In Poppey Village you can meet Poppey himself and his wife Olive Oyl as well as Brutus. The Village was ordinary built as film set for the movie. The Village is very much […]

Food Glorious Food

In the beginning of our internship we went to eat in Valletta. We found one very small and lovely restaurant form small alley. It is called Tap room. It was miracle that we get chance to go in because usually, as they told us, you need to book the table to get in, lucky us! […]

Welcome to our neighbourhood!

How we live in Malta? In Finland we were considering what would be the best way to found place to live. So we decide to book room for first week from Airbnb and then find apartment when we arrived to Malta. However, when departure started to get closer and we were sometimes looking for rooms, […]