Taking Notes in Malta

Two occupational therapy students on practical training in Malta, Spring 2017

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Welcome to our neighbourhood!

How we live in Malta? In Finland we were considering what would be the best way to found place to live. So we decide to book room for first week from Airbnb and then find apartment when we arrived to Malta. However, when departure started to get closer and we were sometimes looking for rooms, we noticed that flats and rooms started to be booked specially in May. Therefore we started to be a bit nervous and decided to book room rest of time as well. Airbnb isn’t the cheapest way to live but at the same time we get an opportunity to live with a local family. Anyway, now we live with single mother and her seven years old daughter in a small flat.


Our home is in town called San Gwann which is nearby Sliema were our workplace is. From San Gwann to Sliema is 2.5 km so we could easily walk that way to work. Usually we stop by small shops to buy food after work. In our neighbourhood is large cat army. Every cat lovers should live here. There is black, white, with striped, colourful, honey colour and so many more. Our neighbour actually feed them therefore it’s not wonder why we couldn’t even count them.

Coffee is cheaper here than in Finland especially in cafes. We really enjoy cafe’s here. Actually in very next street from us is very lovely cafe. There you can order remarkable tiramisu. We recommend that for everyone who would like to have tiny piece of heaven.