Taking Notes in Malta

Two occupational therapy students on practical training in Malta, Spring 2017

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Working Hand in Hand

What we have done in our internship here at LiveLife is to monitor and assist client’s independence in their activities in daily living. That means we usually meet them in the morning or at lunch time in their own rooms. We do for example bathing, toileting, feeding, and dressing assessments and write notes about the sessions to the client’s file. Then we have discussed about the assessments with OTs and decided together what kind of occupational therapy sessions and interventions we are going to carry out next. When the new client is getting on admission, first thing we do is to read his/her file and medical history and then carry out initial assessment with the OT.

One of our most common occupational therapy sessions here in LiveLife has been the hand exercises. The physio therapists are concentrating more on the mobility and functional transfers of the client and we have done exercises to improve client’s muscle power and range of motion of the upper extremity. It has been interesting to think about what exercises to carry out with the clients. Here are some examples of the aides and instruments we have been using:

Coins, playing cards, theraputty, hand gripper, stacking cones, therapy band and skip rope.

Greetings from Malta!

Hello, we are Minttu and Asta, two occupational therapy students from JAMK and we are doing our practical training at the moment in Malta.

It was almost a year ago when we first time discussed together about going abroad. Our idea was to go somewhere in Europe where you can learn and speak English, and where the weather will be sunny and warm. Both of us had already done one practical trainee period, Asta with elderly people and Minttu with stroke clients. This time we were looking for the place where we could do occupational therapy with adults or with children.

We met International Coordinator Armi Hirvonen from JAMK International Services in May 2016. She gave us information about different options in Malta. After we had visited LiveLife and Inspire webpages, we were convinced that Malta will be perfect for us.

After sending couple of emails we got the answers from both places. Inspire was already having OT trainees for the springtime 2017. Fortunately we got really welcoming message from Rehabilitation Centre Manager Robert Grech from LiveLife and they were ready to accept us for the traineeship.

Therefore, we met Armi again (thank you for your patience!) and filled in necessary application forms etc. In the end of January 2017 everything was done and organized, the learning agreement for traineeships were signed, and we were ready to book our flights!

The adventure is about to begin…

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