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Meen sinne ku siellä ei oo täällä.

Last pictures

Here is my pictures from taiwan part 2 and 3.


part 2

part 3

by the way my taiwan number is not anymore in use. contact me by facebook.

Everything is now finished!

Its now done!

Report and case study are sended to my teachers. I got very positive feedback from my teachers from my intership.

Tomorrow i will continue my journey. Send me message in facebook, if you have some questions.

I will recommend you to come to Taipei to stydy.

If you have time to study, study this before you come:

(I am not sure how these are written right. I write it like it sounds)

ni hao=hello

xie xie=thank you



tienmien= forward


hi hao ma? = how are you?

ok ma? = ok?

tong= pain

tong ma? = pain?

nali tong? = where is the pain?

hen hao= good

tdue = correct

Fei chang hao = very good

lihai= super!

jongli= contract

fung shung=relax

i learned these when i was here. If you have these alredy before you come, you are going to feel much more easier than me.

Peace and out.

Gyrokinesis, last days and top 5 memories

What is Gyrokinesis?

Check this:

Talking about last days:

Top 5 memories from intership:

It is the final…

last week. last days.

hard to put this to words. i am so happy but same time it will be weird to say goodbye. so many lovely people.

here is my showcase from last saturday:

i was invited to perfom at 3. year students celebration because they are leaving to internship. celebration was so wonderful. i felt that students and teachers are working really well together.


Presentation of orthopedic clinic

Here is the video presentation of my orthopedic clinic:

and here is pictures:

Lasy and busy monday

This is what happened in my monday today:

6.30 am wake up and morning exercise at the dorm rooftop.

7.30 breakfast at family mart

8.00 – 12.00 Hydrotherapy

listening one hour my teacher speaking Chinese to local students

writed some text for the pictures in the teachers website

participated ai chi class

did watsu for one patient

wondered around the pool

12-13 lunch at the park

13-17 pm orthopedic clinic

hot packs


lumbar traction

range of motion assessment for frozen shoulder patient.

17.30 pm dinner

18.30 -20.00 computer time at the library


22.00 going to sleep


Wad up my dear fans around the world?!


Now is the time introduce hydrotherapy for you.

Hydrotherapy is watertherapy, where water is a tool for therapy and also a therapist itself.  In Gheng Shing General Hospital they have a pool in hydrotherapy department. It is open from 8 am to 5 pm from monday to friday. There is two group exercise class in the morning and two in the afternoon. They last only 10 minutes, but the main point is introduce patients to stretching and exercise movents so they can practise more by themselves. It is advised to stay in the pool about 45 mintutes and participate to one group exercise session.  Patients goes to the pool by them selves, exercise in the pool alone or with their carekeeper, participate group exercise, get the stamp to their passport from the teacher and thats it. Patients can have six sessons and then they will need to go see a doctor again.

What i have been doing?

I have been studing watsu, aichi and halliwick.  I have been participating to the group exercise and kept two. I have experience watsu and this week i also gave it first time to two patients. It was nice. Also i have been playing ball with the kids, learning therapeutic swimming and just spend lots of hours in the about +35 celcius water. Sometimes i have been feeling quite tired after the pool, but also i have got lots of energy and inspiration from it. Hydrotherapy is my cup of tee.

Here is some picture from the pool:

Kommentit pois päältä artikkelissa Hydrotherapy

Fulong beach

Last saturday i went to tsek fulong beach. One hour train was only about 6 euros one way.

Here some fotos:

Water was quite cold and swimming was not allowed. We need go there next month again.

Matkakuvat albumissa osa 1

Kuvia albumin muodossa:

DADA KGB 15th Anniversary x Battle Circle vol.7



Week ago i went to Hcinchu city because there was DADA KGB 15th Anniversary x Battle Circle vol.7 bboy event. I was huge. About 500 bboys worldwide. International judges, invited crews and so on.

All this is not helping if you have a poor dj. Dj frankie from USA was good but others were not. That is my opinion. Even so i had good session at the cyphers. I had two battles. Both ones i started. Best thing was to meet bboys from japan, russia, taiwan and usa. Even bboy Iron monkey came to say hello. It is so nice feeling that i can go where ever in the world and always feel like a home when i enter a jam. Loving my life.

This is my qualification round set. I did not get to the battles. There was about 100 bboys in the solos and judges choose top 16 to the battles.

How are you? Everything good? Send me message.