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Ask the Expert – Online service is intended for all the young and adult immigrants. You can send queries to the experts related to couple relationships and sexuality, which we strive to meet within 2 weeks. You can ask anonymously. We will remove the personal information pertaining to identity of our respected customers. All answered questions will be published so that other visitors can get the information and help for themselves. You can ask questions in Finnish or English. Expert advisers are rendered by specialist in sexological counselling (NACS, Nordic Association for clinical sexology), specialist in clinical sexology (NACS), and psychotherapist (ET) Riitta Ala-Luhtala, sexological counsellor (SSS) Päivi Hoffrén and specialist in sexological counselling (NACS) Sirpa Valkama.


Welcome to the MAUSTE-hankkeen ( MAUSTE project) online Expert service. Queries not related to the subject will be deleted.

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