First week in Göppingen

We decided to come here a week before the school started so we could get a hang of things before jumping back on the saddle. This week has gone by really quickly, as expected. We came here on Monday after spending one night in Stuttgart in a hostel.

On Monday we signed ourselves into the Student housing and unpacked. Rest of the day we spent going to the nearest store to get something to eat and just rest. We spent our Tuesday here just pretty much wandering around the city of Göppingen getting to know the place. We started our city-tour at our campus, so we wouldn’t be totally lost on the first day of school. Of course since we are in Germany we just couldn’t resist introducing ourselves to the local cuisine, so we wen’t to different bars to try different beers, I mean, who wouldn’t? In the evening when we walked back home we thought about getting bikes, and Janne checked his smartwatch to see how many steps we had walked on Tuesday. Almost 30 000 steps in just one day and we hadn’t even gone that far.

On Wednesday we took a train to Esslingen to check out the school campus. We had to walk for around 20min from the train station to the school campus. After minor struggles at the campus area we even found the buildings where our classes are held. At this point everyone was getting hungry, so we decided to find something to eat. As we closed in on the area with shops and restaurants, Janne and Juhana wen’t full on tourist-mode and wanted to check out some church on the way. I personally was so hungry I couldn’t care less at the moment, but I still went inside with them. The church was nothing special in my opinion, a huge stone church, which seems to be the standard around here. Finally after we filled ourselves with some delicious döner kebab we walked to Esslinger burg. A castle built in the medieval age, overlooking the whole city. After looking around for the amazing scenery we decided it was enough for the day we walked through the city and returned to Göppingen by train, my feet were toast at this point, after all it was another day of walking.


Thursday we went to a huge bike store called Fahrrad-XXL in Plochingen to shop some bikes. Three stories high building all for bicycling. They even had an indoor test track for MTB’s. We spent at least 3 hours just having fun at the test track testing some more affordable MTB’s and then some E-bikes with full suspension some of them cost over 5000€, so the 450€ bikes we bought felt quite cheap after those monsters. They told us the bikes we bought are ready on Saturday so we went home by train. In the evening we went out to a local bar/restaurant called Route 66. We spent couple of hours there, each of us just drank 2 beers and ate burgers, nothing special. When we left we saw an old locomotive on the train tracks and went to catch a peek of it, they even let us in the train to check it out, how cool is that!

Friday was a day when we didn’t do much, just went to LIDL to get some food for the weekend, since the stores are closed on Sunday. Saturday, this was the day we finally would get our bikes. Train to Plochingen, another train to Altbach, walk to the store and we got our bikes, finally. We decided to give them a proper run-in and rode them back to Göppingen, after all the journey was (supposed to be) only 26km long. Boy was I wrong. Janne and Juhana decided we don’t need the navigator for this journey, I was a bit skeptical but I decided to trust these guys (Note to self: Always be the one navigating). So we rode and rode and rode. I finally decided to look at the navigator to check out where we were. We were 5km in the wrong direction. Well. At least we bought some food and water before getting on the way. After countless swear words and nerve losses from my side we finally arrived in Göppingen. The 26km trip in the 26 degrees hot sunshine weather ended up being close to 40km… I did nothing for the rest of the day.

Sunday was amazing even it was really tough one. We rode our bikes to Hohenstaufen, a small mountain 10km from where we live. For the last 2km the mountain rose over 200m, that’s 1 meter of height in 10 meters, that s**t’s steep if you ask me. Juhana was fast and furious and he rode his bike all the way to the top. Janne and I had to walk our bikes for some of the distance since we don’t have that much cycling background. The views at the top were breathtaking. We spent around 2 hours just lorvaillen in Hohenstaufen. The ride back was much easier since it was downhill pretty much the whole way, thank god. We grabbed some pizzas and radlers at a local restaurant Wilder Mann after the trip, best damn pizza I ever had.
This evening I’m writing my first proper blog post ever and thinking how the heck did it end up this long.

We still have one day of our holiday before the school starts on Tuesday, let’s make it count.


| Author: Simo