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Guten tag meine Freunde!
That’s it for the German part to keep the blog readable for most of people. Anyways, first “real” week of school done and dusted, most of our courses have started now and we have locked in our schedules and course selection. Me and Janne had some misunderstandings of some courses and after some small conflicts with our schedules we finally managed to lock in the required 30 ETCS. Many of the courses had labs or even lectures on top of other courses so we didn’t get all the courses we wanted, but at least we got the credits.

Monday was a bit strange to start off with. We went to the school at 15:15 just to get to know that the lecture we wanted to attend didn’t start until 5 p.m., too bad we had another course starting at that time so we had to drop our first course before we even started our school properly. Tuesday and Wednesday went on without any trouble, Wednesday was a super long day for us, it started 7:30 and didn’t end until 20:45 in the evening. Thank god we only got a few of those days, not even every week.

Thursday was a day off, since 3.10. is the German Unity day marking the day when the Berlin Wall fell. We decided to make the most of our day off, and went to a local spa called Merkel’sches Schwimmbad in Esslingen. There were 5 different saunas, some pools and even a bar. There were some surprises waiting for us there, one being that there were no scoops for throwing water on the sauna stove in the saunas and that everyone was naked. Literally everyone. Well obviously not the bartender, but everyone else. We tried 3 of the 5 saunas, didn’t even bother to try the 60 degree ones since there were some proper saunas also, 95 and 85 degrees with rather high humidity. The hottest one had some eucalyptus-scent in the air, it opened our noses and throats really well.  In the 85 degrees one with the highest humidity it even felt almost like home. Every hour there was a Saunameister or as we called him a Saunamajuri throwing löylyä on the sauna stove. What really raised our eyebrows was that after every time he threw some water onto the stove, he started waving a towel around. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well it was for us Finnish folks. The show lasted for 13 minutes, the last minutes it was really hot in there, at least in the top-shelf where we sat. Overall it was a strange yet really good experience, we are planning on going there again since it is affordable by students as well, 3 hours in the spa cost 10,40€ so it isn’t even that bad.

Friday we had a short day in school and in the evening we picked up a rental car for the weekend. We were supposed to get a Skoda Octavia or a VW Passat, but we got a Nissan Qashqai, kind of disappointing but it’ll have to do. In the Friday evening we drove some “tontti” around Esslingen. Saturday morning we woke up early and took a train to Esslingen where Otto and Kalle from Mechanical engineering where waiting for us with the car. We drove 2 hours to Hockenheimring to watch some Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, also known as DTM or in general, fast racing cars. There were also other classes driving around the track, like Formula Renault, DTM Classics and Audi R8 LMS GT cup. Some of the classic cars made really rad noise when driving by.  In the morning it rained a bit but it cleared out in the afternoon. The day wasn’t that hot, only like 10-12 degrees. We didn’t mind, we sat in the grandstand watching fast cars drive by and drinking coffee/beer and eating bratwurst for like 8 hours. What a great day!
On Sunday we still had the car for the day, until 5 p.m., so we made the most of it. We went to Bad Urach to see some waterfalls and enjoy the nature & scenery for a bit. We were properly dressed for the occasion since we all except Otto wore jeans there. When we got there we noticed we had to walk through the woods to see the waterfall. What a bunch of amateurs wearing jeans to the woods. Well we got out alive and we did see the waterfall after all. After that we went to see the Reussenstein Castle that was only 30 minutes drive away. It had a great scenery from its walls. I can imagine how easy it was to defend, but easy to surround as well back in the day. After we left the castle we pretty much drove to Göppingen to drop off the rental car and go home. It was finally time to rest, (well for me that time came after the gym but nonetheless). I still had to do laundry and browse social media in the evening so I forgot the whole blog, but here it finally is. Enjoy!

| Author: Simo