Schule unter anderem

Hallo liebe Leser!

This week has gone by without any big trouble, on Monday our German History & Culture class was canceled, so that meant me and Janne had a day off while Juhana had a shorter one. We tried to make the most of it so we completed our CV’s and Application Letters to apply on time for our internships. We even sent out the first applications on monday, game is on! In the evening me and Janne went out riding our bikes around the neighborhood. We rode more than 10km in the darkness, well obviously we had some headlights on our bikes but it was still quite dark. Before going home an “inner 13 year old” lifted his head inside of us and we ended up in a skate-park riding our bikes up and down the ramps. It was huge fun but I bet the few locals who were there looked at our doings in disgust, but who cares, had fun!

On Tuesday nothing special happened, just an ordinary day in school and in the afternoon Janne and I teamed up for the 2nd day in a row to work on our German History & Culture presentation which we have next Monday. We managed to snatch the most interesting topic for ourselves, which is the German Car Industry. Wednesday was also an ordinary day, school for 7:30-12:30 and in the evening for 17:30-20:45. During the break in the evening we had a great idea and went out the window on the 3rd floor onto the scaffolding surrounding the building. We just had to climb the school roof because the scaffolding was sturdy and it went all the way onto the roof. On the roof we found some decent view of the city and the Esslingen Castle, too bad we couldn’t get any photos of it without the scaffolding showing. After the class Janne went to the airport since his parents arrived to visit Janne in Göppingen, I fetched the train to Göppingen all by myself.

On Thursday was a short day in school, thankfully. We only had a 90min lesson in the morning between 9:15-10:45. At the school there was an IndustrieMesse for that day until 14:00. There we met many potential employers for our internship, we even handed out our CV’s to one employer, I hope they’ll find us interesting, we sure did find that company really interesting. On Friday we had a long day, again. From 7:30 all the way to 18:30. In my opinion that is around 6 hours too long of a day for a Friday. At least we got to play with MATLAB and actually do something substantial for the last 3 hours, so that helped. A little bit. After school I watched Formula One and didn’t think about school at all for the rest of the evening.

Saturday I had a package delivery from DHL. Or well, I should’ve had. After 6 hours of waiting I saw the truck drive by on the street. I thought it’d circle around and drop off the package. Well it didn’t. I had wasted all my Saturday sitting inside waiting for the package that didn’t even arrive. I was a little pissed off since I was about to go to Stuttgart after I received the package. Well I left at around 16 o’clock and didn’t come back until it was already dark. In Stuttgart there was a huge crowd in the Schlossplatz watching at a lightshow that lit up the whole Königsbau Passagen. I stood and watched like a tourist for some time before heading back to the dormitory.

Today Is a assignments & blog writing day for me. In the evening i plan on having everything pretty much done so I can just enjoy the Mexican Grand Prix in Formula One and have a beer alongside the High-quality entertainment.

See ya next time! o/

Lights of Hohenstaufen village in the distance.
Esslinger Burg from the school roof.
The Crowd in Schlossplatz.
Königsbau Passagen got Litt up!



| Author: Simo