Heaviest week so far


This week has been pretty exhausting. To start off with, we had a Control Engineering lab right away in the Monday morning, starting at 7:30 all the way to 10:45. We did the classic water level step-input experiment with valves. In Finland we got this live water tank we can make experiments with, but in Hochschule Esslingen Control lab we did an experiment with pretty much with a small led screen, some switches, lots of “banana-wires” and an oscilloscope. Juhana described the setup to be “straight from the Soviet Union”. In the evening from 17:30 to 20:45 we had History and Culture, as usual. Thank god we didn’t have any lectures in between the lab an the evening course.

Tuesday was one of the most important ones for me and Janne so far. We went to Filderstadt for a job interview after the morning classes. The interview took as much as 2 hours because they showed us around already. It looks promising that it could be our place to complete the internship, they pay reasonably well and the company is quite international, they got sites in 100 locations in all the continents, even in Finland. The Filderstadt site is quite far from Göppingen so we will probably move closer if we decide to start our internship there. After the interview me and Janne went to Stuttgart for a pizza because we were super hungry and the interview went well. Another long day done and dusted. Wednesday was as long as Monday, nothing special, lectures in the morning and no classes from 12 until the mandatory German language course in the evening.

Thursday was the only shorter day we had this week but it was sure one of the interesting ones. We had a factory tour in no other place than the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen factory. A factory that produces ie. E-class, S-class, Maybach and even Armored models. It takes over 3 square kilometers of space and employs over 25 000 workers. It is not a surprise to anyone that we were not allowed to take pictures in the factory. I can tell you this; I’ve never seen a dashboard fitted in a car so quickly. It took around 30 seconds for the robot to take the full assembled dashboard and fit it into the car frame. The tour took 2 hours, we got to see the assembly line and the bodywork plant. I’d say it’s quite hypnotic looking at the robots swinging around in perfect harmony. Some automation specialist made those, definitely not me. Still cool to look at those.

Friday we had our power electronics lecture as usual and simulation technology lecture and lab after that. For me the simulation technology labs are pretty excruciating, though I think I’m not the only one feeling like that. The labs start at 15:00 and end at 18:30. 18:30. On Friday. Please let me out of here already. We bang away on MATLAB for 3 hours straight without breaks. It’s a long time to simulate a rubber ball bouncing on a computer simulation. After we finally got out of school for the weekend, we wen’t to Route 66, an American style diner and bar to play some 8 ball pool and eat burgers with lots of company. Our mechanical engineer friends came over with our American friends from Esslingen to have burgers also. It was fun, the burgers were awesome and the beer was cold and tasty, as always.

Saturday was a lazy day, only went to the gym and watched Formula One qualification for the Brazilian GP.
*SPOILER ALERT* Verstappen took pole position. *SPOILER ALERT*
Sunday we went to bathe in the Merkel’sches Schwimmbad in Esslingen. Damn I miss Finnish sauna. Little under 5 weeks until our Christmas holiday, that means one more blog from me before that. ‘Til we read again. Or write. Whatever. Off to bed now.


Three handsome young men at Sindelfingen.
Cracking the water-level simulator.
Rubber ball bouncing in MATLAB/Simulink.


| Author: Simo