Back from holidays

Holidays are suffered and decade has past. Have I made any promises for new year?


I spent my holiday in Kuopio with my family, damm I missed them. While I was in Finland I also saw my friends both in Jyväskylä and in Kuopio, I was shocked. Beer is so expensive! Yes I knew that in Finland everything except Olut beer cost strawberries but now I was shocked… German have some things better than we in North!
I also got chocolate and wool socks for present!

Well back to Germany.

Things in here have change a lot. First of all exams are slowly but surely approaching and we better start to prepare for them.

We also have a lot less school than before holidays, some of the labs are done for good and German history and culture course is done, btw i passed the language exam! Janne and Simo don´t know the results yet.

How does all this affect to our life in here? We have a lot more time to do things, not just study. On the other hand I lost my excuse not to study…

Believe or not but I have school only in three day, which is still wayyyyy to much. One day per week sounds more reasonable.

Janne and Simo got they new homes while I´m still waiting for late Christmas miracle ( I need company to do my internship).