Neck deep in Moodle

Greetings reader!

If you are reading this, it means I have managed to find some time off studying and other just as important things. The return has been nowhere near as smooth as we had hoped. We have been studying day and night since last week. Janne actually started as soon as we came back, he has done multiple hours of studying pretty much every day since 5.1. He has taken days off too, he isn’t a machine either. I personally started to study ferociously this week. Next week we got only one exam, on Tuesday. Then, the week after next week we got 3 exams total, two of which are expected to be crazily hard. That’s why we have to start early with the studies, after all, we did not come this far to fail courses.

As Juhana mentioned in the previous post, me and Janne already have made contracts for both the internship and the new dormitory in Bad Cannstatt. Juhana also got his Internship position sorted out, he is moving to Esslingen in the start of march, I think.

So. We got all the lectures and laboratory experiments done, now we just drown in Digital Control and Control Engineering for 1 and half weeks, then we are done. We already booked a small holiday trip for the time between 10.-15.2., more on that later 😉

Then on 17.2. it’s finally time for the internship. Can’t wait! I have to go to the place of employment at 9:00 a.m. Sounds pretty late, but I guess it’s only for the first day. We’ll see how it goes, I have high expectations for the following 6 months!

Time to go back to studying, even it’s almost midnight. Have to finish some notes before sleeping… Zzz

Catch ya later!


| Author: Simo