There is light at the end of the tunnel.. maybe?

The first week of exams has passed and I can say that the German way of studying is pretty hardcore. January was definitely the hardest part of my studies ever. Literally in my whole life. I went only to shop, school and gym during January, everything else was studying. I have studied independently since 5.1 almost everyday. The best days were like 9 hours of studying per day, average of 4h per day.  Luckily the exams are over during next week and we will have one week of vacation before internship!

The hardest part in those exams is that you must be really fast during the exam because you have only 1,5 hours of time for it. Our first exam, production management, was 15 pages in total. My pen was literally on fire during the exam and I still couldn’t answer to all questions. And oh, I forgot to tell you that pencils are not allowed in the exams! This was really awful information for me because I have used to wipe out wrong answers with the rubber. Afterwards I heard that all Germans use pens in studying after pre-school. Really funny in my opinion.

As Simo already told you, me and him have new apartments in Bad-Cannstatt. We are going to move there on next weekend, right after the exams. What a good way to wash out all the struggle of the exams. What is new is that Juhana got a internship position also! He got it from Esslingen, so he is searching for an apartment from there. Bad-Cannstatt and Esslingen are really close to each other, so for us it is really easy to keep in contact.

We have passed all of the courses here to this date, so there is still light at the end of the tunnel! For hard working there is always a high reward, just three more exams to pass and then the Double Degree is practically confirmed!


Here is my whole January in one photo;


The next post will be about success or about bitter disappointment (because of the exams..)

Let’s see how it goes! ~Janne