Is there life after exams?

Last “week” Janne promised to tell you some of our exam results, well ques what? You have to wait some more.

After many RedBulls and frozen pizzas we were able leave the country and find the source of this unspeakable evil that Germans call exams.

We tracked the negative energy with our new Jedi powers that we obtained from control technology and found that the nest of evil is somewhere east, to be precise in Vienna.

Plan was as follows, we take what we can carry and fly to Vienna, from there we should be able to relief future generations from horrors of exams.

Like every great story this one had some throw backs, nature was not on our side… Europe was hit by a storm unlike newer before. Schools were closed and trains cancelled. Simo and Janne had to use taxi to move around. Thank God our plane leaves at 12am. Like in every great story this one also had a knight in shining armor riding with a white horse. This one was wearing jeans and drove Audi. (Thanks Lasse!)

With the help of Lasse we got to airport on time and Janne had even some time to scan dinosaurs, in video game.

And we off! Next stop Austria Vienna.

After the landing we took a train to city center and from there we walked to our hotel. While walking we noticed something, everything was more nicer than in Germany. It´s hard to explain but everything was more cleaner and worked better. Like German 2.0. Also buildings are prettier and older. You really can see that Vienna was Europa cultural capital. Did you know that Mozart made his career and Sigmund Freud studied in Vienna? In Vienna they are really proud about they history and you cant miss Mozart or Elisabeth Amelie Eugenie who is better know as “Sisi” or “Sissi” in street view. There is basically everything carrying they name. Most notable Mozartkugeln, we were not able to find cheese named after Sissi…

Even tho Vienna is consider to be city of art and culture there is also dark history buried under ground. Vienna was hit by plague really hard and you can experience horrors of plague pit in Time traveler museum. Vienna was also surrounded by Turks, Winged hussars and so fore.
Most “notable” relic from darker ages of Europa you can find two Flak towers. They were Built by the Nazis against air raids. They are huge, ugly blocks made from concrete.

We stayed in really nice hostel called Wombat city. We had room of four but our last bed was empty the whole time. Hostel had a bar where me and Simo break some sort of record how fast you can destroy a beer tower. less than an hour.

Vienna was really place worth of visiting, city center is really beautiful and atmosphere is really relaxed.

Unfortunately we did not find what we were looking for but we got a new hint that told us to follow a road. Well we were never too good to follow instructions so we took a night train and ended up to Rome. Train itself was really convenient way to travel, it cost as much as one more night in hostel but you wake up in whole different place. Ride was also cool since we saw snow!

In Rome we had a list of things we want to see including Colosseum, Forum and Pantheon. Luckily our hostel was basically in middle of everything. So in first day we went to see the Colosseum and Forum and in next day we went for Pantheon. We also took a special trip to Vatican city since it was so “close”.

Rome was ok but too many tourists and locals trying to steal your wallet or sell something. Pretty city overall.

We did not found the source of exams but we found nice magnets.

Simo and Janne start they internships immediately on Monday and I have one week to move my new place in Esslingen.