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Internships have gone on their way and we are still here. I have started to learn a new C++ -like programming language called Arduino. I have never been good with programming on any language but it’s time to learn and get good at it. Me and Janne happened to get our internships at the same company, on different departments. I work in the Engineering department and Janne works at the Power Electronics department. Our working time is flexible, we have to work 8 hours (incl. total 1 hour of breaks), between 6-19. We can choose ourselves at which time we work that 8 hours, and we can stay longer during one day to leave a bit earlier on the next one. We usually do 8h 20min everyday, so we get to leave over an hour earlier on Friday if we so choose.

On Friday I went by myself to Altbach to check out a Volvo V60. I have been starting my quest to search for a car to buy and export to Finland, since the cars are somewhat cheaper here than in Finland. I just have to be careful to not buy a mileage-altered car. Unfortunately seems to be quite popular thing to do in Germany.

On Saturday Juhana, Lasse and I went to Nurnberg for a day because we didn’t want to waste a weekend staying at home. Janne had his parents over from Finland so he spent the weekend with his family. In Nurnberg we visited the Old town and the Nazi Rally Party grounds, the Kongresshalle was built with Colosseum in mind since it was pretty much a replica of that building. Too bad we saw the real deal (the real Colosseum) just over 2 weeks ago so it wasn’t too breathtaking after that sight. Of course we had to try the local cuisine, that being the local Döner and Nuremberg Bratwurst. Nuremberg bratwurst is part of the World Heritage Bavaria, so we enjoyed a really tasty piece of Bavarian heritage on our short visit.

Sunday was reserved for cleaning up the flat and training.

That’s it folks!


| Author: Simo